Sunday, September 11, 2011

Twisting the Day Away…

So yesterday I took the ‘day off’! With the Cobble Hill Fair winnings (Gift Certificate from Sweet Pea’s Quilt Shop) in hand, off I tootled…EARLY…It was after all Saturday…Garage Sale DAY…and if I should stumble onto one or two…so be it! 

By the afternoon it had become a blistering hot day (by our standards)…close to 30C!  I don’t fare well in hot, hot weather but it didn’t prevent me from picking up a few bargains…mostly men’s cotton shirts…there is another shirt quilt looming in my future!  (They were practically giving them away!  What was a girl to do!!)  BUT my BIG FIND cost all of $4 and I will share this with you later this week with a ‘before and after’ picture.  (If I showed you now you’d say that I got ripped off…instead of “WOW!! What an incredibly GREAT DEAL!!):o)

Instead…let me show you what I bought with my winnings from Sweet Pea’s.  Remember I only had $20 to work with…but it WAS FREE…so I had to get the most bang for the buck…if you know what I mean!


I bought a bottle of Best Press…and it’s UNSCENTED so I am going to love that!!  The last bottle was scented and was over powering.  An orange Fat Quarter which I can add to my Civil War fabrics to add a bit of colour punch AND a Lil’Twister Pattern (happy dance with The Twist thrown in!!) .

You have probably seen the Lil’Twister quilts all over blogland.  Katrina from SunShower Quilts  just finished one …in fact she did a whole TUTORIAL on how this little ruler works!  You have GOT to check it out!!  Man, can this girl sew!  Thanks AGAIN, Katrina!


What I really like about the size of my pattern and ruler is that I can use it with Charm Packs…using the 5” square!


So I am VERY pleased with my winnings!!  I can see the Lil’Twister being this years project at The Sands.  SEW many projects, so little time!!

Speaking of ‘The Sands’ (the RV Resort in Desert Hot Springs)…Kim (from the Club House Quilts) and her husband Don…the Full Time RVers, are popping in this morning for a quick visit and brunch!  You probably remember her…


and her gorgeous quilts…


Ahhh…we did have FUN!!


I think we need to do it all over again!! heeeheee  Yes, we are all returning to ‘The Sands’ again…for a repeat performance!!

Oh…I almost forgot to tell you…the reason that Kim is on the Island is because her son and DIL just had their first baby!!  Kim is now a Grandma to a darling baby boy, Lil’Tucker!  Congratulations, Kim (and Don)!

Do you see how I came full circle..Lil’ Twister…to Lil’ Tucker…all in a day’s work!

Have a Super Sunday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. Great items to get with your certificate, I am that way too, I look at the site a thousand times before I can make up my mind, lol. Love how that twister works, such a fun way to make a quilt.


  2. Hey, free money is free money! I think you spend it wisely. I've seen those rulers all over blogland and they seem to be really fun!

    Have fun visiting..... someday it will be me visiting you!

  3. Hey Paulette - coincidence today - Colleen (from Manitoba) and her husband Don are stopping in to visit with us today on their way thru Sask. Seems the Sands was a great place to make friends, not just meet people. We may see you again this winter.

  4. Oh, I've have both of the twister rulers and the book. Guess I should try it sometime. Can't wait to see your $4 find! 9-11, We Remember!

  5. have fun with K and D!!..another Tucker in blogville! great is that!!!

  6. I MUST try to find some men's shirts, I really want to make a quilt from them. Don't you just love the Best Press? I have the unscented too, but love the Caribbean Beach scent. Congrats to Kim!!

  7. Looking forward to that $4 find! I love the Twister. I have it in both large and small sizes. So much fun and so fast.

    9-11 I remember too

  8. Hey did I miss something? I didn't know you won a prize at the show. Congratulations.

  9. Whew...I think I finally caught up on all your blog posts now...can't let that happen again