Friday, September 16, 2011

Garage Sale Make-Over…

It was barely out of my mouth that I needed ‘something’ to go in front of our outside entrance way and low and behold there it was!! WAITING FOR ME!!

Don’t you love it when you say that you NEED something and then you go and find it right away at a Garage Sale!  That’s what happened last week!

So here’s what I found…these things are three heavy wrought iron fence panels and they fit together…


A little black spray paint and they are as good as new…NO BETTER!! 


So here they are…I put a couple of cement leaves and a plant in front of them…can’t have anyone tripping over them!

P1150498 So our front entranceway is now complete…whew!P1150501

Our old paperboy use to ride his bike up to the front door to deliver the newspaper..then spin a U-ey in our front entranceway…after years of doing this several tiles broke along the edge.  Well he’s gone…and so are the chances of any future Paperboys doing the same thing! YEAH!!  This little iron fence will stop a paperboy on a motorbike..if need be!!  :o)

P1150499 Come and pull up a chair and sit a spell…

P1150500  I made these willow chairs (before my quilting days)…a friend and I took a willow chair workshop and this is what I came home with…P1150502

Oh…I forgot to mention the best part…that the three wrought iron fence panels were ONLY $4 for ALL of them?  SCORE!!


Don’t you just LOVE a good Garage Sale find?  You just never know what you will be carting home!  My husband lives in anticipation…more like dread!!  Never a dull moment…wonder what I will find tomorrow?? :o)

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Oh yeasssssss! A good find, a good solution, a good result, a good price - I KNOW how it lifts the spirit!!! I found a whole bed that way, and afater 5 years, finally got it cleaned and in use -- wonder what took me so long.

    Your porch is sooo inviting - when can I visit in person? 8-)))

  2. What a wonderful transformation! It looks very inviting and those willow chairs are perfect. Wow girl, you are amazing!

  3. Exactly the right finishing touch to your new front porch makeover. Your willow chairs are fabulous. Are you taking any orders, cuz I'll be first in line?

  4. Those chairs are amazing! I have made red willow baskets, but wow! A chair! Great job...I love them!

  5. You are the best garage saler I've ever known!!! The entryway is lovely.

  6. What a great find! AND I LOVE the willow chairs. They are gorgeous!!!

  7. Are you kidding? You made willow chairs. Boy am I impressed with your varied talents! That porch is so inviting and gorgeous.

  8. Wow what a score, those are too pretty - and you MADE those CHAIRS? Is there anything you can't do! They're gorgeous and your porch is just beautiful!

  9. Your new porch is beautiful, love how you decorated it and great idea for yard sale finds.


  10. OMG you made your own chairs! I am very impressed at your handywoman skills (including tiling) and the fact that they are finished...if i did a course the chairs would still be UFO's! Your front porch looks lovely and has inspired me to do something about ours. Happy quilting/decorating, Sue SA.

  11. Wow, I am so impressed with you because you make furniture! and tile, and garden, and quilt....there's no end to your talents!

  12. Love your thrifty find! And your willow chairs are wonderful. What a cozy, inviting entrance to your home.

  13. It's great when all your hard work pays off. You have put so much work into the entrance and now it all looks wonderful. I love the look of the fence. It has come up so well. I,too, am impressed to know that you made those chairs. Fantastic!
    What a wonderful welcome you have made for your home!

  14. Your porch looks wonderful. Those chairs are amazing and they were the first thing I noticed in the photos.

  15. Paulette,
    Your willow chairs are stunning- I have always admired those hand made chairs but they are too expensive for my pocketbook. You are one talented lady.
    Congratulations on the win- I love the rose pink fabrics- I know you will make a beautiful quilt with it.
    You do find great things when you go garage saling.

  16. Your entrance looks terrific , love your find and really love the willow chairs , wow you did a wonderful job!