Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Walk Through the Pastures…

I promised you quilts…so let’s see some quilts!!  These masterpieces are from the 3rd Annual Quilt Show held at Crawford’s farm...which is situated just north of Duncan on Vancouver Island.

P1140766 P1140713 P1140716 P1140717 P1140728 P1140729

Feeling dizzy yet?

P1140730 Loved this sampler quilt…

P1140731 …and the quilting was magnificent!

P1140732 P1140733 P1140735

Lots of fun quilts for children…

P1140751 P1140752 P1140753 P1140755 P1140757 P1140758 P1140759

I loved this quilt…and I don’t like mauve…or purple!!  It was interesting how the quilter achieved the colour palette for this quilt…


…inspiration from a magazine picture of a floral arrangement!!


I also loved this idea…the name, year and event stitched in large letters for all to see.  I’m sure Brent loved his cozy gift!


I hope you aren’t sick of seeing quilts because I have a lot more to share!!  I also have to show you some of the vender’s wares! 

See you tomorrow??…I’ll be waiting down by the creek!

Have a wicked Wednesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Never tire of looking at quilts! Love that purple one,too, but for some reason am drawn to the owls. It must be their eyes!

  2. Loved seeing all the beautiful quilts in such a beautiful setting!

  3. Wow! Didn't you just have too much fun!!

  4. A lovely setting for all those beautiful quilts. They must have been sure there would be no rain.

  5. Lovely quilts in a wonderful pl,ace.

  6. Gorgeous quilts! I really loved the owls and giraffe....and the one inspired by the floral arrangement, inspiration really is everywhere!

  7. Oh those colours! Ping! And I'm very glad to see some wildlife in the great outdoors too- the Wols are especially vibrant I think!

    I was at a (rare) qult show in Dublin last week, but was only allowed to take photos if I didn't put them on any blog or internet sites. They weren't on the same level as these, but there were some lovely ones, and its a pity not to share I think. Its not like anyone could exactly copy another quilt, could they?

  8. I loved the penguins. I'm waiting patiently by the creek for you, where are you?

  9. I love all the animals! But there is something about slide #3 that I really must be all those tiny squares!

  10. I love seeing quilts. We have an outdoor quilt show here every two years and it is always such a delight.

  11. Such a fabulous venue. I would stay there all day if I could! Thanks for sharing all these great quilts!