Sunday, July 10, 2011


OK…if you are getting bored, tired, sick or just worn out from seeing ANOTHER Quilter’s Garage Sales then I will understand…READ NO FURTHER!  I’m sure there are other Blogs out there with much more News worthy topics…. But if you want to see the Mother Lode of all Quilter’s Garage Sales then you NEED to stay! P1140586

Now I have to confess…I forgot to take pictures until AFTER I had bought and loaded all my purchases into my car!!  So when I looked at these pictures everything looks bare…tons of stuff has been sold and carted off! 

It was crazy!  I was the first one there…I swear..the EARLY BIRD does get the worm!  The secret to having a good day at a Garage Sale is to get there early…BUT not too early…you don’t want to tick them off!  If they advertise that it starts at 9am be there at 8:30am.  When you get to the bottom of the driveway politely ask them if they are open for business.  If they say NO, then you wait at the bottom and you slowly take baby steps to the nearest table…they never notice :o).  That way you can case out the first table and move to the second as soon as it opens.  Pretty slick hey..It also helps to start up a conversation… you know “you sure picked a great day for a GS…yada yada yada…”  Before you know it they are showing you the loot.  So there…now you know ALL my GS secrets!


Wow!  Business WAS good!  I am shocked at how much they sold…these tables were all piled high!


And this sloping hill was covered with about 40 Rubbermaid containers holding yards and yards of fabric. They were asking $45 for a full tote of fabric (no scraps)…which I didn’t even look at as that would have cleaned out my wallet… :o(


So let me show you what I did buy…fat quarters and 1/2 m cuts of fabric…$1 each,


If you own one of those cloverleaf appliqué irons then you know how hard it is to rest it on that little wire holder that comes with the iron(and then the wire holder heats up and is too hot to touch) …so I spotted this!  The iron rests nicely on the wooden handles and you have a small ironing board for pressing…$2!

P1140591 A bag full of needles…all kinds of needles for quilting, basting,  appliqué and sewing plus sewing machine needles and sewing machine foot attachments to sew curves ~all for $2!


All rulers were $1 each!!  See the little Flying Geese Ruler and a Square in a Square ruler, plus the Easy Center Square Ruler…SCORE!


This bag was $1…and I bought it for the..


..Fray Check which prevents fabric/wool from fraying…and I got all this to boot!


And I bought this bag for the thimbles…I own 2 thimbles…a good one with a ridge and a cheap one that is rounded…and I am forever misplacing them!


NOW I have two more good thimbles and and two that are look at the leather thimbles…the one in the package isn’t opened and has a sticker price of $16.95..and there are FOUR of them!!  There is more Fray Check (sure hope I like it!) and a fancy thread cutter and lots of other junk for $2!!P1140597

This is my FREE stuff!!  YUP FREE!!  Always keep your eye open for FREE stuff.  They didn’t know how to sell this stuff…so tossed it in the FREE box!!  Look at the quilt clips, and scissors, spools of thread…


..that’s Superior Thread with the cellophane still on…and I know how much they cost..close to $10 a spool!!  For FREE!  Have a better look…Amazing hey!


This was in a $1 bag…I want to try the fusible thread and the Wash-A-Way Thread…also got a spool of silk thread…and other stuff!


Mini Charm Packs…$1 each!

P1140601 FREE traveling iron!!  It was in the FREE Box too!!  Like new! P1140603

All books were $2-3 each.


Be still my heart!!!  I have been lusting over this book for awhile now…$3!!


And I almost wet myself when I saw this one!!  Sorry…but I did!!  Gorgeous projects in here!!  $3!


All patterns were $1!

P1140607 P1140608

I saved the BEST for last…I spent $25 for this box!  Should I make you wait till tomorrow to show you….?  Nah…


Now if you are a stitcher you will appreciate this…I said STitcher not a B*******!  Come on!  This box is for those who like to do embroidery work…. Hoops on top and a box of needles and new floss…but look what’s underneath…


Boxes of organized embroidery floss…in all the colours!!  LOVE IT!!  This was one organized quilter!!  All this for $25!!  The plastic containers would cost you more than this to replace!!  SCORE!

Now I hope you like this picture…I had to climb up on our kitchen island stools to get this shot…almost killed myself!  But oh so worth it!!


Sorry this post was so long…but well what can I say…it was a GREAT GARAGE SALE!!  I bumped into Loose Threads Vicky  while I was there…so I think we should all scoot over to her blog and see what she scored!! 

Have a Sunny Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. My eyes got bigger and bigger as I scrolled along. I'm sick with jealousy because that sort of thing just NEVER happens around here! I'm moving to your neighborhood!


  2. I have never heard of a quilters garage sale. Maybe I need to start reading the paper...

  3. One of us must be dreaming.
    'cause no way is this true.

    You are THE LUCKIEST GS-er I've ever know, Paulette.

    Please, consider spreading some of your luck around, come on, just it teeny, tiny bit of it. :)
    If not, keep on blogging posts like this and let us enjoy your treasure finds.


  4. Holy cow you scored again!! Love the books you got, and look at all that floss! I'm drooling just thinking about it! LOL

  5. Wow, you really scored. I love the $25 box. I never find yard sales like this, most of them I see around when I'm driving around have just piles and piles of clothing.

  6. Wow, you really got some great deals! I can't believe you got that whole box of embroidery threads for only $25. Lucky you! Now you will have to get busy and show us some of the results of your awesome bargains. I've never been to a garage sale that sold great stuff. Maybe I'll have to have one of my own.

  7. WOW!!!! You hit the Mother Lode!! I wanna come live by you!!!!!

  8. Holy Cow! I never find a garage sale like that. You got tons of good loot too. Congratulations on a great score.
    xx, Carol

  9. wow!! and i thought i'd had a good weekend carbooting! (waterbutt, 1930s cupboard for my fat quarters, vintage tupperware, vintage basket, cute cardigan and garden recliner for £15.00!!) i acually gasped when i scrolled down to see what was in your $25 box! very well done! crafty and thrifty, that's what i like to see!

  10. I am so jealous, you hit the jackpot with that yard sale. I wish we had ones like that, but always kids junk.


  11. They never have garage sales like that around here........I need to move to wherever you are!!!!!

  12. Once again I bow to you, oh QUEEN of yard sales. I am in AWE!!!!! I still have never found a yard sale with ANY quilting stuff, and I must admit to being just a bit green with envy! I'm seriously thinking of moving there and following you around on! Enjoy all your new treasures Paulette!

  13. Congrats on your goodies! You have it down to a science.

  14. SCORE!!!!!!! What great finds!!! :O)

  15. A great score yet again. Those $1 fat quarters and 1/2 metre cuts are fabulous. The question now is, where are you going to put all of this loot? Perhaps you'll have to have a quilter's garage sale yourself to make room for all the new

  16. Unbelievable finds, and everything looks so clean and nice too. And amazingly organized, like the embroidery floss in your 25 $ box. You lucky girl!

  17. You are one LUCKY LADY! Love seeing your found treasures!

  18. ditto for me - everything they said and more. I am seriously shopping in your sewing room - you have WAY too much good stuff and I know you want to share! OMG that was a huge score!!!! And I NEED some of that stuff (unfortunately nothing you got multiples of). Thanks for sharing (I think). In cleaning up I found a snowman wool project I never did -lol - a penny thingy. Will be my first. tada!

  19. I'm totally jealous! Especially of all that embroidery thread and the cases. :) blessings, marlene

  20. You are so lucky! I have never seen garage sales like this one or the last that you went to. Lucky gal.

  21. Never been this lucky...... It's Christmas in July....

  22. Wow! You make me so jealous! We don't have garagesales like that.

    I wish you great fun with your stuf!

    Greetings from Debby,
    the Netherlands

  23. What stunning things you found again Paulette- it is nice to see someone else's treasures going to someone who will enjoy them.
    The embroidery box is a great find for you- what fun you will have with all those threads.
    Warmest regards,

  24. Wow. I am so jealous. Looks like you made quite a haul. I just bought that Lisa Bongean book for full price. Great finds.

  25. Oh my! I was drooling before you showed the first pic... it was the last pic that did me in...all that floss - AND the containers....
    You hit the motherlode!! Thank you for sharing!

  26. Wow, wow, what a bargain. But why are people selling all this stuff?

  27. I can't believe the kind of garage sales you have in your neighborhood. Wasn't it just last month that you were at another quilting garage sale? I have only ever been to one GS that had advertised that they had quilting items and when I got there I was so disappointed , it was mostly junk. Only left with a couple of fat quarters. Anyway, enjoy your fabulous bargains!


  28. Any wonder you were excited!!! What a great garage sale!!

  29. wow!!! you totally scored, lucky you. So jealous

  30. All I can say is wow I have never seen a garage sale like this in Ontario. Can I come out and go to garage sales with you? I an just full of awe at things you got. How do you hear about them? What fun. Blessings Sandra

  31. WOW!!! I want to go to garage/yard sales with you:) You scored big time!! So happy for you! I love yard sales, you never know what great stuff you'll find :)

  32. You must've been born under a lucky star ...there are NEVER sales like this in my neck of the woods!

  33. That's one hell of a haul Miss P. Amazing.
    Either you have to take me to the next one or....well, I don't know, I just want to come too!

  34. Wow! What a great bargain! So many lovely things - have fun exploring all your new stuff! Bet you mind is still reeling!

  35. I am drooling! No one has sales like that around here. You really scored on some great bargains.

  36. WOW I would think I was in heaven with all the stashes that most quilteers take with them! I live in the wrong country. This is pure dreaming stuff. Glad you had lots of fun :-)

  37. Wow, I would LOVE to find a sale like that!!!! How fun! You found some great stuff. I would have jumped at the $25 box, too! What a bargain!!!

  38. AWESOME! I would have been like a kid in a candy shop and spent every cent I have!

    Why can't I find garage sales like that? :)

    Thanks for sharing!

    God bless and keep you,

  39. The only garage sales I get to go to are the ones on your blog. But if you have a garage sale I might make a special trip to Victoria. You have so many goodies :)

  40. Are you sure you've got enough room for all that?!

  41. You must have needed your 5th wheeler to get all that home!

  42. WOW...Lucky you. I just bought some floss. 19 skeins and it was over $6. You truly scored. The organization alone is worth it!!

  43. wow!!! You did good.(ok, great!)

  44. Wow! I am so jealous of all the quilty garage sales! I wish they those down here!!!

  45. WOW you hit the jackpot! Great stuff and even greater prices. I wish the ferry wasn't so expensive. Enjoy your loot!

  46. I did open that box - your last box - thought I would leave that one for someone else. Glad that you picked it up. A real bargain.

  47. wow, major score!!!

  48. All that thread is drool worthy.

  49. I never comment, but the fray check is an amazing (tool) for a better word. I read once that a restaurant had napkins finished with a serger and the stitcher used fray check on the last stitches to secure. They have never come undone. If you embroider by machine, use it when you clip something and not sure there was an end stitch. It is good for sooo many things! PS--My cat jumped on my new bed quilt and his claw made a small tear in the fabric--I put fray check on that so it wouldn't get larger.