Saturday, July 16, 2011

Our Littlest Sweet ‘P’…

You’ll never guess who was waiting in our mailbox when we got home!!  The newest member of our family, Little Petunia…or Little Sweet ‘P’ as she is going to be called around here!!  I won her in a give away over at Quilting on Turtle Hill! Would you believe Cathy gives away one of these dolls EVERY month!!

Isn’t she just the cutest?!! P1140655

Little Sweet P reminds me SO much of my middle daughter…all through high school this is what Maggie’s hair looked like…then in University she discovered the straightening iron…and her gorgeous curls were gone!!  Wish I could show you a picture of her but she would kill me!  She hated her curls!

So now I have another baby with curls and I couldn’t be more thrilled!!  And all three of my girls had smocked dresses!  Man…Little Sweet P is sure bringing back memories!!  Seems like yesterday…


Little Sweet P weighted in at a whopping (almost) one pound…


Small but mighty!


She seems to like her new digs…

 P1140660  Look at those big blue eyes and sweet smile…Is she not just the
SWEETEST…hurry over to Quilting on Turtle Hill…you just might win one of your own Little Sweet ‘P’ too!

THANK YOU SEW MUCH, Cathy!! You did an incredible job making Little Sweet ‘P’!!  She is absolutely gorgeous!P1140662    The RAIN keeps falling in buckets!!  Dark and dreary outside…perfect for day to do housework…and then maybe a little SEWING!!P1140666-1  Sure hope we don’t go from THIS…

image THIS!! …if you get my gist…


I needed some Snowmen stitcheries SEW of course went over to my favourite site for Free Stitcheries and printed off these…P1140669  If you want to download some of the cutest stitcheries EVER then you need to go to Homeberries..incredibly cute!!  Thanks so much Homeberries…SEW many cute stitcheries to choose from too!

I heard on the News last night that the middle of the country is experiencing a terrible heat wave…well as I write this our furnace is going and we have the Gas fireplace on …if you would be interested in doing a little SWAP then please email me and I’ll see what we can do…I can even throw in a little lot of rain!!

Have a SUNNY Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Love those curly locks, maybe I will make a doll or kitty today, I am in one of my moods, can't get motivated.


  2. The doll is precious and the curls remind me of my oldest Grand daughter's curly hair too. Yes, it is a great quilt day so will saunter one door down and settle in for the day. Heading first over to Homeberries to download a few stitcheries. Keep dry and warm.

  3. Oh my goodness! Little Sweet P is adorable! It is so nice to have little things bring back such great memories! Thanks for the tip on Homeberries, I may pop over to see them soon. First I must do some cleaning too, I just finished the baby quilt and really must tidy up the sewing room....what a disaster!

  4. Whew - I live in Iowa and would gladly give you some of our heat and humidity! I'm ready for Fall already!

  5. Raining around here this week-end too, Not fun for the Walla Walla Sweet Onion festival... I'm still waiting for Summer, the garden is sooo slow growing. Cute doll, I had my time of doll-making back in the 80's. I should make more for Christmas while I only have 4 grand-daughters to make for. I have had requests from the DIL.

  6. My oldest daughter was a curly top, too, and she hated it. Still does. Even though she lives on Lasqueti Island with no electricity (they have a generator) she spends up to half an hour blow drying her hair straight. Thank goodness Sweet P doesn't have to do that. She is just perfect. Thanks for the free stitcheries tip. I've downloaded a few of them and with this weather, it looks like a good day to start one.

  7. I had known my then future DIL a year before I found out she had curly red hair because she straighened it every day! She has beautiful red curls and i am hoping for a curly red headed grandaughter some day...but boy she sure is hoping for that! LOL

  8. Hi Paulette - we've had some sun and heat here in good old Sask, but one huge storm this week that dumped more than 5" of rain in 4 hours. Not so good for the basement!! Or the crops cause there was hail. So a heat wave isn't all it's cracked up to be.

  9. little Miss Sweet P is a cutie and has found a great new home!!

  10. Your little Sweet P is truly adorable. THanks for the link to Homeberries, I haven't been there before, and found some fun stuff.

  11. Sweet P is just so adorable!! Love the stitcheries. I'm definitely checking out that link.

  12. Thank you for the link, that was just what I needed as I am looking for snowmen at the moment.

  13. Your dolls are adorable. Do you sell them?

  14. What a lucky win - Sweet P is sew pretty. I love those stitcheries too - going to follow your link straight away. Thanks for sharing.

  15. With actual temps in the mid 90s and heat indices of 105-115 here in Iowa, some cool weather sounds great!! I'd like to share with you!

  16. My daughter has curly hair and always uses the straightening iron :)