Thursday, July 14, 2011

Nothing to Talk About…NEVER!!

I have to confess…I haven’t lifted a needle or thread since our little mini holiday started!!  Yesterday was the perfect opportunity as it RAINED ALL DAY!  My sewing tote is out…and sitting on the foot stool, staring at me…and I stare back!  I don’t feel the pull…even with the RAIN on the roof and the fireplace on!

We donned rain gear and hiked half of Little Qualicum Falls but it was miserable, even under the trees!  Still the scenery was stunning!


The roar from the water was deafening…


And the rain made the greens more vibrant and the browns more noticeable!  I guess it’s called a Rain Forest for a reason…


So nothing quilty today…but I DID spend a lot of the day with my nose in this book….accompanied with a cup of hot chocolate.  LOVE IT!!

From the title and the caption on the side of this book you would think this would be just another quilt book filled with flowery quilts…NOT SO!  No where on the cover does it say that the quilts in the book were made and designed by Japanese quilters!  The quilts were taken from a Japanese magazine called Quilts Japan!  I love Japanese fabrics and quilters…surely THIS important fact should go on the COVER!  So I think we need to rename the book…A Bouquet of Japanese Quilts!  Get my Felt Pen out…


Right away I spotted the Japanese influence in this next quilt…just LOOK at it!!  The fabrics and quilt were designed by Yoka Saito!  Her work is out of this world!!  There was one of her quilts on display at the Road to California and it stopped me in my tracks!!  Exquisite!


This little thumbnail is a picture of her book available at QuiltMania…You HAVE got to thumb through it and see her work for yourself…go HERE!


When you get to the QuiltMania site click on their little thumbnail picture of her book and then you can click on the corner of the book to turn the pages…pretty nifty!  But before you do that…read on!

Let me show you more of this book…this sweet Birds in a Basket Quilt…love it!!


This quilt is beautiful too…log cabins that are paper pieced and only 3”!!


And don’t forget the gorgeous quilt on the cover of this book!!  They have combined piecing, applique and trapunto to this quilt!!  For those of us who would think twice about making this quilt because of the trapunto in the middle of each square (you can see it better in the centre of the cover pillow) they give you the option of embroidery…using white or cream thread.  STUNNING!!


The editor pointed out that often the Japanese Quilt Designers dedicate over a year to making a quilt…they lavish tremendous attention to every minute detail of the quilt……making their quilts a true work of Art!

So I guess there was something to talk about after all…something that was quilty that is!!  In love

Hope you have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Dale and I have hiked the Falls and yes it is stunning. Maybe today you will feel more inclined to do your stitchery project. We have rain here today so I am off to work on the Friendship Quilt. That's it, I am going to rob the piggy bank and buy the QuiltMania magazine. Keep dry!

  2. That is why they WIN at the Big quilt shows like Houston! Hope today is a better Quilting day for you.

  3. Hiking in the rain is fun, as long as it is not pouring.
    In maine we were riding our bikes on the trails and didn't notice the rain, till we go out from under the trees.


  4. The waterfalls are amazingly beautiful to see, but the noise is incredible, huh? I haven't visited these in particular, but they are cool.

    I do not blame you for pouring over the pages of this book, I couldn't believe my eyes on the accomplishments of each picture, let alone the body of work each photo represents. Awesome. That mini log cabin made me look twice, as her center red "bits" looked like inset diamonds, wow.

  5. I own that book, and love it. I also own one of Yoko Saito's books. Houses. Love it too. Wish they would translate into english and sell them here easily. Her work is amazing! Lizzie

  6. Happily, the weather here is perfect for being outside doing gardening chores. Instead I was diverted by your little pointer. What beautiful and inspirational work! Very intricate and definitely not instant gratification except for the viewer.

  7. The scenery is beautiful. and what a beautiful book, as well. You're entitled to take off a day from stitching every now and then. ENjoy!

  8. I'd love to go hiking in the rain! I used to, all the time, before I got old and comfortable. That book looks wonderful - who can sew with that to be looked at!

  9. Wow I love that log cabin quilt.