Sunday, April 11, 2010

Woolie and Wild….Flowers that is…

As I write this post the most incredible smell is wafting into our 5th wheel…AND no it’s not the sewer!!  It’s these gorgeous miniature roses- the hedges separate all the RV sites…


Each little rose is the size of a dime or smaller and they smell wonderful!! (I’m getting homesick for my rose garden…but as my husband reminds me they aren’t in bloom yet…:o)

Oh and did I tell you that it’s over 90F and I am melting…isn’t that a lovely thought…A new form of Weight Watchers… 


This was the desert yesterday morning on our way to Las Cruces, New Mexico…and aside from the gorgeous wildflowers there wasn’t much to see…desert and more desert…


So while we sailed across the desert this is what I worked on…

P1070248 P1070251  I wish you could see it in ‘real life’ as the wool colours are so rich…P1070253

I just love working on this pillow top…so soothing as the big semi-trucks whizz by!!  P1070256    I’ve still got a lot of stitching yet to do…but I am liking it…a lotP1070257

Today we are off to Carlsbad, New Mexico…I’m hoping for smooth roads, blue skies and for the Canadian dollar to reach par! Wouldn’t it be loonie if our Loonie was worth more than a US dollar…got to love that!! Wahooo…go Loonie go!!

Have a super Sunday and Happy Quilting!


  1. Love your new piece and the colors do look beautiful.


  2. Too bad blogger can't add smell-i-blogger to our posts!

    Love the wool project!!

  3. Gorgeous flowers...enjoy your travels. I lived in NM for 5 years way back when.

  4. The roses and the wool flowers are both perfect Paulette! Happy travels.

  5. Love how your stitching adds beautiful dimension to your flowers. Very "artsy"!

  6. Your woolie is sooo pretty! That's going to one beautiful quilt with so many terrific memories stitched in as you travel down the roads!

  7. I love those yellow roses!! :)

    Your wool work is beautiful!

  8. I'm ready to smell some roses for sure - love your flower, Paulette!

  9. The flowers all look lovely, yours and the yellow roses. As for the Weight-Watchers, that sounds great, if they perfect that one I'll be joining up.