Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hey, Hey…Santa Fe!

I  LOVED Santa Fe!  What an incredibly beautiful city!  I loved everything about it…the adobe style houses, the markets, the Galleries, the Santa Fe Plaza, the architecture, the miles and miles of jewellery and bead shops…If you want a little tour then keep reading…if not…I’ll see you tomorrow..I hope!

This is in the heart of the Plaza…where local artisan spread out their blankets and sell their wares…gorgeous stuff!

P1070358 - Copy



Rylie was impressed…and everyone loved her!


The galleries…


The shops….


I love wreathes of any kinds – but these were hot and spicy!!  I REALLY wanted one of these but it is a food item and it would kill me if the Canadian Customs person confiscated it…can’t you see me on my knees begging the Custom’s man to PLEASE return the pepper wreath…!!  It was not to be…but aren’t they pretty?

P1070361 - Copy  Isn’t this wreath incredible…each angel is hand carved…I didn’t ask how much this wreath was as one angel was selling for $22.50!P1070364 - Copy South American Quilts..starting at $350…very beautiful and worth every penny!!


All the buildings are this colour or a variation of this colour…P1070365   The entrance to an Art Gallery…got my attention..and the dogs!!


Now I KNOW you are wondering if Santa Fe has a quilt shop..Of COURSE!! 

The Santa Fe Quilt was great!!  Three rooms of lovely fabric…books…patterns…and quilts!!    P1070374P1070377

If you live near Santa Fe you might be lucky enough to attend a workshop on how to make this beautiful Wedding Ring Quilt!


Isn’t the fabric lovely!!


One of the rooms was filled with Japanese and Asian fabric…love it!


I found some gems in this little basket…and they were calling my name…

P1070382 .. like these half a yard Japanese prints on Linen…LOVE them!

P1070395  Must be the teacher in apples!!P1070397 They both have a polka dot border…so cute!  

P1070401 P1070402 P1070403

I also found this bundle of goodness…and they were practically giving it away..:o)



I must have been hungry…all the fabric had food on it!!

Oh and did I mention that it is Spring in Santa Fe.    GORGEOUS!!

P1070363 - Copy

Have a Super Sunday and Happy Quilting!


  1. I think you are just having too much fun, lol.
    Great inspirational place with all of the artists and museums. Happy Birthday to you and paul.



  3. Santa Fe looks like an interesting place. All that and a quilt shop too. Life's so unfair sometimes! (giggle)

  4. If you are ever back you should check out this website that has New Mexican Artists offering workshops to visitors. It has 11fiber artists and organizations as well as numerous other artists workshops.

    Enjoyed your post and joy for Santa Fe, New Mexico