Sunday, April 25, 2010

We’re Home…

…safe and sound! We took the Black Ball Ferry instead of the BC Ferry and must admit we loved how fast it was!!  Also as you drive off the ferry you go through customs…Everything is done in one step and one wait!  AND the best part~ the Ferry docks in downtown Victoria…this is the first building you drive by


…gorgeous isn’t she…our Legislature Buildings!

Everything looked wonderful at home!! Tulips were still blooming…


Ted, our wonderful neighbour mowed the front lawn for us so it was a VERY welcoming site!  The backyard was a different story….the grass must be a foot tall!! But she is GREEN!! 

And then there is the mail…YIKES!


  See those parcels…YES they are for ME!! 

Look at what Ulla from Finland sent me for Christmas…a gift!!  The only thing is it came after we left…  P1070641 Inside was this lovely pincushion, needle case (which will really come in handy NEXT holiday!!), a heart shaped cookie cutter, some grey wool roving (to make Finnish sheep!) and two chocolate bars…and they WERE delicious! THANK YOU SO MUCH, ULLA…what a lovely surprise to come home too…


What’s this another parcel??  Yes, I won Linda’s give away…quite awhile ago…


Do you remember this gorgeous pillow, well I won it and it is even nicer in ‘real life’!!  Penny from Sew Take a Hike Blog gave us a tutorial on how to make the roses using knit fabric. Now I can make them myself… or at least try…

P1070645 P1070646

Penny also sent an extra gift (you shouldn’t have…but so glad you did!!)  Gorgeous wool…which I will felt after the laundry is done!  THANK YOU SO MUCH, PENNY!!

P1070647 And this?…hmmmm…It’s from Dawnie, another blogging friend from Australia…hmmmm…Inside was a lovely note and this darling Digby Dog Pincushion Pattern by Anni Downs!!  LOVE it!!  How thoughtful of you, Dawnie!   P1070654 And look…Dawnie had Anni write a message on the pattern!!  How cool is that?  THANKS SO MUCH, DAWNIE!  Isn’t the world of blogging wonderful!!P1070662

Now..for the world of reality…and UNDER the bed…YIKES!! This isn’t all fabric…is it…?

  P1070656 P1070657

No…it’s not ALL fabric…I have books and patterns and wool…and I do see a towel over there…Yes, it’s definitely a towel…I have my work cut out for me… :o)

Have a super Sunday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. Welcome home, I bet it feels good to be back.
    Unpacking is my least favorite thing to do.


  2. Oh my goodness...what a welcome home will be opening items until nighttime...but oh.....what fun!!

  3. Looks like unpacking will almost be as fun as purchasing everything. If you run out of room for all your goodies, you will have to have a giveaway. LOL Just kidding...... Welcome Home.

  4. Welcome home! Enjoy getting settled back into regular life.

  5. What a trip!! Welcome home. I don't envy you today, that unpacking. Yikes, you must have an extra large bed in the 5th wheel - I can't believe what you fit under it!!!! Great parcel haul, too. Enjoy your home (and back pasture, hehe).

  6. Have you unpacked yet? It must be a lot of work.

  7. What a wonderful trip you had! I am sure you will enjoy being home also! You are correct, those legislative buildings are beautiful! Enjoy all of your treasures and packages--I am sure you will b e organized before you know it! Happy homecoming!

  8. Hey P,
    What a lovely welcome.. I love Anni Downs things and she has made this pin cushion on a thread spool that I am trying to get the pattern .She had a seminar and they all made one. You can see on hatchedandpatched.. I love it. Well so glad you made a safe trip and know that feels good.

  9. Welcome home and happy unpacking!

    It looks like it'll take you til the fall to unpack everything. I'm jealous! *wink*

  10. Nice to be back home I am sure Paulette.
    It will take you a little while to get through all your treasures from under the bed.VBG
    You got some nice quilting done on your trip- Did you get out your beads?:D
    Some very nice giveaway prizes for a a very nice lady. Congratulations on your gifts.
    Nice to see the beautiful tulips blooming too.
    Warmest regards,

  11. Glad you made it back safely! I would take your green, tall grass over my yard full of short weeds any day!

    Looks like it may take you quite a while to go through it all!!

  12. Glad you are safely home...lots of lovely treasures waiting for you! Dawnie was a thoughtful girl!

  13. Very glad to hear that you are home safely. But you do have a bit of work to do...

  14. Welcome home! What a nice neighbor you have. And such wonderful mail!!!

  15. Welcome home, Paulette! I'm so sorry you missed the Christmas present at Christmas, but if you think of it as a birthday present, it was only a little late ;-) !

  16. How wonderful, Christmas in April!