Thursday, April 1, 2010

Button Town, USA

   Whenever the weather turns ugly we usually go out on a day trip so that we won’t notice the nasty weather.  So this morning when we saw the big, black clouds rolling down the valley, my husband suggested that we take one last trip to Temecula!!  Wahhoooo…the Quilting Gods have answered my prayers!!!

Temecula is where the Quilter’s Coop Quilt Shop is – I LOVE this shop!!  Every time I go they have changed their walls with new displays, new quilts, new fabrics and new patterns!!  They really like to keep you on your toes! 

The first thing I looked for was the Button Town Quilt as I forgot to take a picture of it the last time I was here- GONE!!.  It is the little runner that was in this Quilt Mania Magazine…


I specifically bought the magazine after seeing this little runner on the Quilter’s Coop wall (the one in the magazine wasn’t as nice…and I didn’t know why!!  And I didn’t have a picture of the Coop’s version!!) As I turned the corner there it was- whew!!  And I was right- the Coop’s version is WAY nicer than the one in the magazine- NO BUTTONS for windows!  The quilter had appliquéd little square windows onto the buildings!!  Much nicer…don’t you think?

Here is the Magazine’s version~It’s nice…do you see how the buildings have buttons for windows?


Here is the Coop’s version~ slightly smaller.  They got rid of the duplex (smart move as I didn’t like that building)  and appliquéd square windows instead of the buttons onto the houses- so much better!!


I’m really liking this little gem!!

P1070003 P1070004 P1070005

So what do you think?  I’m thinking I might just move to Button Town, USA….Or better yet…move Button Town to Canada!!

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!  (More of the Coop tomorrow!!)


  1. That is one very cute quilt. Will be looking forward to seeing your version. I like it either way with button windows or not, but you are right about the one building. The Quilters Coop's version is much better. Happy Easter!

  2. Looks like they went wonky in the bottom too. Makes for a nice departure from the straight rows at the sides.

  3. Yes, please, move it here because I don't have a green card and one day we need to have a visit together!

  4. Oh yes I do like the quilt shop one better - that's really darling. I adore house quilts!

  5. I do like that magazine, want to get the next issue.
    I have 25% off day at jo anns tomorrow, but it is going to be a nice day and only so much time with the car, so torn between magazine shopping or walking to the bay.


  6. I must agree that the quilt shop's version is waaaaaaaaay prettier!

  7. Move Button town to Canada, that´s a better idea :)

  8. It is a lovely project. Are those blocks set on a slight angle or is it just the way that the quilt is sitting? And just in time for Easter I received a little bit of wool to play with.
    Have a very Happy Easter.

  9. It's definitely better without buttons.

  10. I like the shop's version better, too.

  11. Who can resist anything with buttons?

  12. What a great looking quilt!! Love the black/taupe color palette. The smaller version is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.