Monday, April 19, 2010

Quilt It! Ya Ya

A couple of days ago we were driving through this little town called Aztec, New Mexico when I spot a quilt shop sign…Quilt It! Ya Ya.  I yell out, “QUILT SHOP!”  My husband say, “Do you want to stop?”  So of course I say “Ya Ya”! 

Here it is…an old house converted into a quilt shop!!  I find quilt shops in old houses so quaint with so much character!  Love them and this one was no exception!


It’s these special touches that I enjoy seeing…


This is Gail, owner of Quilt It! Ya Ya and my new BFF.  What a nice lady!  Very friendly and sweet and she use to live in Vancouver with her first husband…but that’s another story.  (Ah, the life on the road…)


Just look at all this goodness….  This is the living room…I mean how do you take this all in..and in only 15 minutes!!P1070438

Front porch…full of Buggy Barn stuff…sigh…


Large dining room…and it went way back..with the biggest selection of flannels that I have EVER seen!!


Other side of the dining room….


Back bedroom….


Other side of back bedroom… P1070443

Other side of the living room… P1070444  Kitchen…OMG..see the room to the left…I MISSED THAT ROOM!!!P1070446

Breakfast nook…


A well stocked large pantry…. Shhheesh I’m starting to feel like a Real Estate agent…


Even the kitchen stove had a lovely display on it!!


The front bedroom…Gail even sold long arm sewing machines and frames…she gave me the hard sell…(can’t you see me going out to the trailer with with one of these…Oh honey, I’ll need a little help loading this….Ha ha) but  alas…there was no stitch regulator so I said no thank you…;o)


Sweet bag made out of the cutest fabric!!


Ya Ya I had fun!!  If you are EVER driving through Aztec, New Mexico you have GOT to stop!! Remember it’s Quilt It! Ya Ya…Oh and the best thing about the shop~(besides Gail that is) ALL the fabric was $7.29 or LESS~ because most of her customers are retired and she wants to give them a break!!  Told you she was nice!!

Have a marvellous Monday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. Looks like a fun store to shop in, love places like that.
    Now, do men not get that when we say quilt shop, of course we want to stop, haha.


  2. Now that is one fun quilting store. Makes me want to go on a road trip!!

  3. How fun!! I think during your travels you have been meeting many new BFFs...good on ya!

  4. OH, P, how lucky.. What a shop, would love it and do love it..Hope you had lots of $$$$. We need a shop like that here..Have fun,

  5. Oh, the finds that you have found!!!!!!!!! Wish my house looked like that. There was a little bit of floor space to nap, right? hahaha! Cyndi

  6. That looks and sounds like a wonderful shop - and the prices for fabric!

  7. What a find. I can see that it made your day and you must have been saying "oh my...." all the way through the house...

  8. I too love the shops in old houses, you are getting into my neck of the woods, we live about 8 hours north of SLC and if you are coming our direction on your way home, I can point you in the direction of some great quilt shops, poor Rick!