Tuesday, April 27, 2010

All Good Things Must Come to An End…

..and that includes the ‘holiday eating’…sigh….no more ice cream, desserts and Mexican food!  The second day back home this is what I did…



The third day back…I hauled out the South Beach Diet books…this was my snack…after a long brisk walk…

P1070664  And it’s not even REAL cheese..it’s low fat cheese…;o(

At least there is always fabric to comfort me….

ON THE QUILTING FRONT!!!  ~ Gran, The Knot-y Embroidery Lady is having a wonderful first year Anniversary Give Away…look at what she is giving away to some lucky winner:


Boy, could I use this as I rustle up another…salad…;o(

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Eating Quilting!


  1. I actually gain weight on salads, lol.
    I do love celery stuffed with cream cheese, but can't eat that anymore. I need to find fun snacks that I can eat.


  2. If I start sewing seriously I forget to eat and lose weight. Works for me. Dear son ate up all the internet allowance and now we are on go slow until Saturday. So much for our "Unlimited" plan. I am now officially part of the "NOW" generation. I cannot cope with slow internet and will lie low until Saturday for my own sanity.

  3. It's a never ending story Paulette...story of my life...put some on, take some off!
    At least your comimg into summer and salads is good then..
    Julia ♥

  4. Oh my gosh I'm there too - I just today hauled my exercise bike back upstairs to my sewing room from the living room. I wasn't riding it down there, and EVEN MY PAJAMAS DON'T FIT. That's really bad when you outgrow those.

  5. The best advise is to start walking everyday. Good luck.

  6. This is a life long struggle.