Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What’s better than a Birthday Card?

Happy Birthday, Erin!!

image Remember how I said that April was a BIG month in our family for birthdays..well today is my eldest daughter turns 30!!  NOW how did that happen?  Seems just like yesterday that she was colouring at the kitchen table…now here she is 30, married to a wonderful young man and teaching Grade 6…and living in Calgary!  Have a wonderful birthday, Erin!  Wish I could bake you a cake and hand deliver it!! Love you lots!!


Bountiful, Utah is plentiful in quilt shops!!  I had the pleasure of going to Quilter’s Haven yesterday and I still haven’t recovered!!  What an experience!!  This shop will be featured in next month’s Quilt Sampler Magazine and I’m not surprised!!  Quilter’s Haven is gorgeous!! A picture is worth a thousand words so let me show you WHY it was voted in the top ten shops for this year!!

Here it is~

Isn’t the outside cute..all brick and rounded windows…so much character!!


Doesn’t this door say…COME IN…and..WELCOME!!


Inside it’s just as charming…bright, happy quilts on the brick walls…so cheery and welcoming!

P1070525 P1070526

This is the other side of the shop with more traditional quilts hanging…stunning!!

P1070527 You have GOT to meet Joni…Joni is the owner of the shop and was so nice and just as welcoming as her shop!!  She was warm, friendly and funny and I really liked her.  She made me want to come back and come back often!

P1070528 Joni also said I could take as many pictures as I wanted, so of course I took her up on that…after all I AM taking you along on the tour!

P1070529 I loved all the displays in the shop…all the little touches that pull everything together…like this antique sewing machine!

P1070530 P1070531 

Lots of baby quilts…all around a little crib at the back of the store.

P1070533 This quilt was definitely my favourite!   LOVED IT!!  You can tell everyone else thought so too because the pattern was no longer available! ;o(  The good ones always go first…I should have asked for the name and designer…??  Darn!

P1070534 I also loved this little quilt!!  Very sweet!

P1070535 Again it’s the little things…loved this ladder…wonderful way to display the different quilts and each quilt was gorgeous!!


AND LOOK….WOOL!!  Joni has stocked her shop with care, taking into consideration all the different quilting techniques.


Lots of wool patterns, lovely wool and threads!!  Sheer perfection!P1070539

Books, books and more books throughout the shop!!  I found two books that I have been looking for for a lonnnng time!!  I was thrilled!


Oooops!!  I am out of space…and the wifi will explode if I try to post any more pictures!!  So you know what that means…part two tomorrow!! After all I have to show you the rest of the store!!  You are going to love it!! 

Have a wonderful Wednesday…today we are starting our trek home!! Whooop-tee-doo!  Happy Quilting!


  1. I am going to be in Salt Lake City in May, is this shop near there?

  2. Beautiful shop and looking forward to part 2. Had another peek at yesterday's stunning slide show.

  3. They sure do grow up before our eyes. Well, mine got older, still waiting for her to grow up;)

    Way too much temptation in that shop, lol.
    I know you walked out with a bag of goodie, how could you not.


  4. Gorgeous shop...can't wait for part 2...I'm planning on visiting this one this summer! Now I'm really looking forward to it!d

  5. Hi Paulette. Thought I'd let you know I found the pattern info for the little ducks quilt. It's called Five Little Ducks and the pattern is by Chitter Chat (never heard of them though). Here is a link:


  6. My oldest daughter just turned 30 last November. Funny though, I got younger on my last birthday!

    Wow ! to the quilt shop. I may be in Utah this summer but I think it will be too far away. I'll be at the base in Ogden.

  7. Wow! Some shop! And so many quilts for ideas! Thank you for the visit!
    And happy birthday to Erin too- my eldest turns 21 next month and that seems quite daft to me, she can't POSSIBLY be 21! Sure amn't I only just 22?????

  8. Happy birthday to Erin ,,,
    They grow up way too quickly..mine are in their forties...yikes!
    Gorgeous shop and so much to see!
    Julia ♥

  9. Happy Birthday to Erin! And oh my gosh I want to move right now, right next door to that shop. I love those two quilts too!

  10. Happy birthday to Erin.

    The shop does look wonderful and I'm looking forward to seeing what you bought. Well, you don't expect us to believe you went in, took photos and came out again, do you?

  11. Happy birthday to your daughter, and to you too, it will always be a special day for both of you! Love the quilt shop--what fun! It looks like they would have to usher me out at closing time and I would still probably go back the next day! Can't wait to see them as a featured quilt shop!