Saturday, April 3, 2010

Old Town Temecula….

This is where I am headed if I go to the Quilter’s Coop Quilt Shop one more time this year!!


As you can see there is MUCH more to Old Town Temecula than just the Quilter’s Coop!  Lots of fun and rustic little shops!

P1070040 P1070041 P1070042

Beautiful display windows calling my  name to enter….


Ohhh…I have a weakness for birdhouses and wreaths!


And all the shops have such cute little names….


Oh, no, not hens and roosters…another weakness…!!!

P1070026I took these pictures as I walked from the Coop to my waiting husband…AND NO I didn’t stop….It killed me BUT I did not stop!

P1070043 P1070044

Everyone in Temecula was friendly, even these little guys!


The mutts don’t seem very pleased…I can almost read their minds…OK OK, mommy has a sickness…I’m a fabric-holic and I have a problem…BUT nothing a nice long belly rub won’t cure!! ;o)


So that takes care of Temecula for another year…sigh…

Have a super Saturday and Happy Quilting!


  1. That looks like a fun place to visit. I wanted to head out today, but seems that town got hit too, so will have to wait for the waters to subside and cleanup, before going shopping.


  2. That looks like a great place! But no, puppies don't look pleased, lol!

  3. Girlfriend!.....I sure know where I will be spending a day or 2 or 3?..or?!!!!...when I get to Sands next year! TEMECULA!..that's where!
    Care to join me????

  4. Paulette I give your top marks for your strength in walking past those shops. There is no way I could have done it , they look amazing and definitely worth a look in.
    Thanks for sharing the lovely photos
    hugs Deb

  5. They look happy to see you! that looks like a beautiful place.

  6. Thanks for one final peek. What an adorable-looking town! Have a safe journey home.

  7. that's too funny that you can tell when your pooches have had enough already! :) Temecula looks like a quaint little place!

  8. I'm sad you to have to leave that quaint town and also for myself because I get to discover these places through your eyes! Thanks for taking me along!

  9. Wow! Old town is really beautiful and the shops- so quaint!!

  10. Where those two little guys just walking around the town.