Saturday, April 10, 2010

Two Thumbs Up!!

BEFORE I start my blog I JUST HAVE to wish my sister-in-law a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! No matter what I DO or how hard I TRY, Marleen always remains 3 years younger than me!! What’s with that? So Marzee…the good news is…you will forever be young (er)! The bad news is…I’m getting really old!! Hope you have the best birthday ever!! (See this blogging has its perks…this is better than sending a birthday card…right?!)

Let’s get back in the saddle again (love this cowboy theme!)~ On to Tucson!

The lucky quilters of Tucson have three fantastic Quilt Shops to shop in!! Yesterday I was lucky enough to visit two of them-

The first shop, Bella Quiltworks was a quilter’s dream!!


I could only take a few shots at the front entrance hopefully giving you an idea of what the shop was like…but trust me..IT IS WAY NICER!


It was huge with tons of different areas showcasing a variety of lovely fabric. Lots of displays, patterns and at the back lovely, lovely wool and wool patterns with lots of wool mats, rugs, and quilts!! What I LOVED best was seeing all the quilt samplers on the walls- quilts that I already have patterns for all done up in their splendour!! I can’t wait to get home to tackle a few of them!! Talk about inspiration!! I wish I could have taken some pictures of them…sigh…

P1070201 P1070202

I got to take a picture of this quilt as I bought the pattern. This is a paper pieced quilt…just stunning!!

P1070203 P1070204 The second Quilt Shop was called Cactus Quilt Shop and I also loved this shop!!


Another wonderful shop and in both shops the sale ladies were so helpful and accommodating.

Again I could only take pictures of the entrance…but the shop went way back…


Lots of lovely display and gorgeous display quilts. And a half price sales room!! Waaahoooo! Got to love that!


They had display quilts from the book “Material Obsession”…the Dresden quilt from the cover was STUNNING!!

So TWO quilt shops in one day for me and ONE park for my husband…sounds fair doesn’t it? ;o)

The Chiricahua National Park turned out to be a 4 hour round trip drive…BUT so worth it…I mean the quilt shops were fantastic- the fabric were wonderful, the quilts divine!!…Oh and the park was nice too! Now I’m just playing with my husband’s head!


Here you be the judge~ Rocks…..



Quilt shop? For me it’s a NO-brainer!! :o)

Have a super special Saturday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. Both shops in Tucson are fabulous. There are more than 3 quilts in Tucson but you found my favs.

  2. LOL, I tend to be the one who rather be at the rocks;)
    I save the shopping for rainy days. We do that a lot in maine, go for a drive and hit some stores, then hit a place to go for a walk or paddle, wonderful to be able to do both.


  3. Sew much material!!!!!!!!! I get overwhelmed when there is so much to pick from. Great shops and love that quilt with the tan/brown townes branches, leaves. That national park is something else. Is that all rock formations? WOW!

  4. Hey Paulette...You definitely have a great husband! Mine would not be stopping at all the wonderful shops. He is not nearly that patient...(Mind you, he has a lot of good qualities..but he thinks I spend too much time at the Loft to need any other stores..:)
    Glad you are having such a good time...JAM

  5. Well I think we need some balance in our lives and one does have to go outside occasionally. Two quilt shops could equal one park, I'd say you are almost even and everyone is happy.

  6. Happy Birthday to your sister..
    Great shops...and like Elyte said two quilt shops equal one park stop.. That is a great photo of the rocks...We have a place here called Bungle Bungles...funny name but an amazing beautiful site to behold..
    Julia ♥

  7. Well let's see - you can see rocks anywhere - but finding a new quilt store? THAT doesn't happen every day, at least not for me - maybe for you, lol! They both look great!

  8. Definitely the shops, unless the "rocks" were made of fabric?

  9. I think one park is a fair price for two such lovely quilt shops and shopping there. You must be full of new ideas for the time when you are back home.

  10. Olá, amiga!
    Passei para ver as novidades...
    Seu cantinho continua lindo e agradável.
    Bom domingo!
    Boa semana!
    Itabira - Brasil