Friday, April 9, 2010

Howdy Partner!

We are staying in Benson, Arizona for a couple of days~ using it as our home base as we want to visit the surrounding historical sites…like Tombstone, Bisbee and Tucson.  Now Benson is a small south Western Cowboy town…there’s a Safeway (Starbucks!!), a couple of RV parks, a Wendy’s and some other little shops…a hardware store , a couple of restaurants like Cowboy Burgers …AND the Cowgirl Up Quilting Shop!!  Yeeehah…giddy up little doggie!! 

P1070175 - Copy

The owner carries a lot of western prints and has an on-line store.  She also carries a ton of Moda fabric and batiks…and a room full of 40% off fabric. 

P1070176 - Copy

P1070178 - Copy

Western fabric….P1070179 - Copy

And south western fabrics…

P1070180 - Copy

BUT what REALLY caught my eye was this~ this carrousel holds every DMC embroidery floss colour known to mankind!!  Driving through Yuma we stopped at two fabric shops and Michaels looking for the perfect shade of thread to complete my wool project (my husband is a VERY patient man!!) and had no luck!!  Here in this small, cowboy town we find not only a quilt shop BUT all this thread!  BONANZA!


So did I lasso any deals?  You bet!!  It may be over 85 F degrees  but I’m thinking winter…Winter Wonderland to be precise!  I added on to my snowflake white/cream fabric collection..


I couldn’t resist this winter village print…love it!


I’m a sucker for berries…


And of course some MATCHING DMC embroidery floss.


I also tried to put Jake into my shopping bag…but he just wouldn’t hear of it!!  She’s a Cowgirl’s dog…and although I’m a small town girl I’m afraid of cows!

P1070177 - Copy

So if you want to meet Jake, the little Cowgirl’s dog, you are just going to have to visit the Cowgirl Up Quilt Shop! So long little doggie…(couldn’t resist…)

First thing yesterday morning we were off to Tombstone, Arizona~home of the OK Coral Gunfight…which the cowboys enact a few times a day.   image

Then we were off to Bisbee…where the Wild West was won!

We got to Bisbee before 10 so many of these lovely little shops weren’t open…which was just as well! ;o)


Something has caught my eye!!


No, it’s not quilts!  It’s these little things…P1070182

I bought a bag of round crystals at a garage sale a couple of years ago…I just knew ‘someday’ an idea (on what to do with them) would just drop out of the sky…or pop up in a shop window!!


They were much prettier in real life…yeah, yeah more junk…I just read my husband’s mind…

The town of Bisbee is nestled amongst the Mule Mountains and the  community was founded in 1880 and named after Judge DeWitt Bisbee, a financial backer of the Copper Queen Mine.  And what a mine site it is – just monstrous!  It made me dizzy just to look down into it.  The Queen Mine halted production in the mid-1970’s but now offers tours of the mine. This HUGE pit is on the very edge of town!


Today we are going to mosey on over to Tucson…see the sights…maybe even poke around in a Quilt Shop or two…After all I was ‘down in the pits’ all day yesterday!!

Have a fun Friday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. Fun, fun, fun! So you drove right through Phoenix and didn't stop by for a cup of coffee or tea. Sigh! LOL

    Some wonderful quilt shops in Tucson - have fun.

  2. What a fun day, quilt shopping and cowboys, can't beat the combination;)


  3. Say Hi to my Friend Kathy Harris in the Tucson Quilt Shop! It's called "Cactus Quilts".

  4. Such an interesting place to be! Have fun!

  5. So much fun packed into a post!!!
    Glad you hit the bananza with the thread. Looks like a wonderful selection.

  6. Love those "round crystally things" hanging in that shop window! Just imagine all the gorgeous rainbows that would fill a room with one of these hanging in a sunny window! Looks like you are having some fun...and finding great buys as well!

  7. I KNEW your DH is a very patient man just by reading your blog the past few months :)

  8. Love those photos. Keep 'em comin, cowgirl.

  9. Wow what a great time you must be having.Thankyou for the pic's.Interesting to read you are off to Tucson, I have just finished reading a book called:'These is my Words" by Nancy E.Turner.The book was inspired by original family memoirs from Sarah Prine 1881-1901 Arizona territories.But what caught my eye was you going to Tucson, that is where Sarah lived.Interesting read...well I found it hard to put down.I have a wee blurb on my blog.

  10. Hey Paulette, can you fit that DMC carousel in your RV? And maybe drop it by here on your way home? LOL! I think I need one of those.
    That little cowgirl dog is too cute for words!

  11. You take the best photos, it's a virtual shop hop!! I always look forward to seeing where you have been!

    I don't know how far across the US you plan to go, but as I mentioned before, if your travels take you to the mountains of western Carolina, I would love for you to come see me at Bless My Stitches Quilt Shop, Murphy, NC!!!!