Thursday, April 15, 2010

Romancing the Quilt…

      P1070331  I promised to share my finished Wool Crazy blocks…Raggedy Ann was completed yesterday on our drive to Albuquerque, NM.  What do you think?…Do you think Andy is going to find his one true love?

Ann isn’t too sure…she picked a sunflower and is picking the petals off to determine whether he loves her or NOT… 



I love the little field of sunflowers…they’re Ann’s favourite flower.  The crows like them too.


I can’t keep you in suspense any longer…there is a happy ending for Andy and Ann…well happier than most…they will always be in love but separated by a small distance…which will probably make the romance even sweeter..AND besides I’m not re-stitching the quilt just to put a bigger smile on Andy’s face!



I also had to stitch my initials and year somewhere on the quilt~ so I made the spool of thread with the pear on top…I wish the picture was better but you get the idea.


There is bright blue thread wrapped on the spool but the camera didn’t pick that up very well…



This little patch was perfect for a little cactus and snowbird…to represent our stay on the desert!




Here’s the whole quilt…I can’t believe that it is almost finished!!

  This picture was taken outside~P1070329

This one was taken inside~

P1070322 P1070323

Only three little patches left to fill…I’m kind of sad to see it coming to an end…it has been such a fun project!


Yes, those are my slippers!!

So today we are off to explore Santa Fe…should be fun!!  I’ll keep you posted!

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!


  1. A truly beautiful piece of work! I almost never comment on a blog but when I saw your "P.D." I felt I had to. As a quilt show coordinator, we are always looking at "labels" for information on our exhibits and are saddened to see how many quilters don't "sign" their work properly. I hope you will find a way to spell out your whole name somewhere so years from now the world will know who made this!!! Adding your town/state will further help future quilt historians, too.

  2. You have done a wonderful job on your appliques and stitching. I do love the annie block, fun version of her and the sunflowers.


  3. Absolutely amazing Paulette. I wish I had time to sit and do this...Yours is so detailed and gorgeous.
    Love It

  4. Well, they say separation makes the heart grow fonder - oh wait that's absence that makes the heart grow fonder. LOL Andy & Ann simply flirt across quilt. LOL

    Wow, I love all the additions you've made.

    I'm going to be sad to this come to and end, too. I've enjoyed your journey.

  5. OH, P, I am so jealous.. You did a spectacular finish on that and I love your Annie.. Have a great time.

  6. Your block has turned out amazing! So cute and I love your Ann and Andy. you did a really good job filling up your block. I hope mine turns out as well as yours. Are you going to make more? Or just the one. Happy traveling...

  7. Wow! That's all I can!! :0)

  8. Paulette I love our quilt - I've gotten the book but it will be fall probably before I start mine. I am curious though - how did you decide how big to cut the pieces of background you sewed to the base to make up the block. I'm worrie about cutting them too small and only having little bitty places to applique, or cutting them too big and having to fill up all that space! blessings, marlene

  9. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

  10. Gorgeous woolies...what a story they tell and it looks like you had a lot of fun with each block!

  11. Paulette - get that quilt outta the dirt!!! Jeez. It's a labour of love and it really shows. What a beauty. I hope to see it in person one big is it?

  12. What do you mean coming to an end?!? Their are 4 of those blocks in the quilt, you can start #2. I'm so enjoying seeing your pics & hearing your stories to go with them you have to keep going!!

    I just love your Annie pulling petals and the sunflower patch where she picked the flower, too cute. I really like her red shoes, very stylish!! Looking forward to seeing what you put in the last few sections. Great idea to put the cactus in the quilt, I thought the pic of you in the desert was great!!

  13. Girlfriend...that is Sooooo ARTSY!!!!
    LOVE IT! Love it! Inspires me!

  14. I'm so glad they had a happy ending - I don't like sad stories. The whole quilt is great and I love the way you added your own personal bits to it.

  15. It's lovely Paulette!!! I can tell you are enjoying the wool journey with this one!!! It's a real piece of art!!

  16. Even more beautiful every time you show it Paulette!

  17. Absolutely warm, cozy, homey, wonderful.

  18. Paulette - you must be one proud puppy of this one - your work is divine

  19. I love the story you tell us while you sew the quilt :)