Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sew and Tell…..

At Hand Quilting yesterday, two finished quilts came off the quilting frames and two new ones went on!  Cheers all round!  Every time a quilt goes on and comes off a quilting frame it is written down in the Quilting Book with the name of the quilt, who made the quilt and the dates.  This book goes back many, many years…some of these ladies have been quilting together for over 30 years! 

Does this quilt look familiar?P1020652

Yes, it’s the @*%# snowball quilt!!  It’s one of the ‘new’ ones to be put on a frame.  Signey is helping me baste all the edges so that we can get started.

I must Sew and Tell the ones that came off.  The first one is a baby quilt that I just LOVE.  It was made by the nicest lady, Linda,who has been quilting for years.  She made the dogs out of a soft plush minky fabric (without the dots).  Adorable…. P1020645 P1020646

Just too cute! P1020647 Can you see how all the dogs’ ears are 3 D – they are flaps of a darker minky fabric.P1020648  This is my favourite dog, sleeping while another dog uses him for a stepping stone.P1020650

A close up of the stitching…beautiful isn’t it?  Linda wanted balls stitched in each square.  Very sweet!

Carol made this quilt for her grand-daughter, Brianna.  She did a wonderful job and it’s perfect for a little girl.

P1020658 P1020654

I really like the way Carol put the little block border just going around each corner.  A very pretty way to use up any left over blocks…


Finally Marge brought in a quilt that she finished this week.  Marge has been making quilts since she was 11 years old…just a few years.


I love this wonky log cabin quilt.  Marge said every piece of fabric came from her scrap bag.  You got to love that!  After we hand quilt it, this quilt will be going to Marge’s daughter for a gift.  Lucky daughter!

P1020640 P1020636 

Now you know why I love Wednesdays-I get to hang with some VERY talented and nice ladies.  AND there is always homemade goodies at coffee break and for dessert at lunch.  And I wonder why my thighs are rubbing together…..hmmm ….maybe I should lay off the sweets…..NOT!

Have a wonderful Thursday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. What beautiful quilts. I love them all. Oh how I wish they had a quilting club here. They use to, however the ladies got older and didn't want to do it anymore. The younger ones just aren't interested. Someday I hope to live where there are quilters quilting!! You are so fortunate to have this group of ladies.

  2. Oh wow - beautiful. I am a "soon to be" new quilter. I haven't actually quilted yet but I bought a beginners guide how-to book. Can't wait to get started. :)

  3. I loved the quilts - they are all beautiful! The doggy one is particularly fun, and I loved its border fabric!

    What a cool group you have! I get together with a few other Moms from my kids' school, who also quilt, but we only work on our own stuff. We don't have any big frames like that, and mostly get together for the conversation and the desserts!! LOL


  4. I wish we could have a hand quilting club here too! It sounds so lovely. I love your snowball quilt most, because it is in my favourite colours, but the dog quilt is hilarious nad the wonky log cabin is amazingly 3D.

  5. Those are some beautiful quilts. I envy you getting to spend time with such talented people.

  6. Lovely quilts but oh that dog one tickles my fancy.

  7. This is a great way to get the quilts quilted. How long does it take you to quilt one quilt?

  8. thank you for sharing, What a lovely bunch of ladies. I am so happy your snowballs is next cos i have been following that story, what a lovely thing to be a part off. Makes my heart sing to see all the lovely creations being shared and you all should be very proud.

  9. Beautiful the doggy one..
    Your snowball quilt is going to be lovely..
    Julia ♥

  10. If Marge wanted a new daughter I'm volunteering...Love the dog's ears (sounds like the bees knees) clever. Agree with you on the cot quilt with squares outside the border, its otherwise quite similar to one I gave as present a few weeks ago.
    Yup that was a good show and tell.
    A+ for enjoyment and interest!

  11. What beautiful quilts they are all so nice well done to all
    Hugs Janice