Sunday, September 6, 2009

Nothing but blue skies….

Saturdays used to be my favourite day of the week.  I would toodle down to Victoria, meet up with my two youngest daughters and just hang…we would shop, garage sale, mall shop, consignment shop, walk along the beach, go to a movie, have lunch…we would just hang.  In June, with University finished, they moved –one to Ottawa and one to Vancouver….you want your children to fly the coup and to be happy but….you also want things to stay the same.  I have an empty nest….so onto the next phase of my life…

Now on Saturdays I keep busy.  It is my day to DO something.  If I stay home, I mope and we can’t have that- so off I go!  Yesterday, with camera in hand (you just never know…) I drove off to Victoria.  The day started off rainy but by lunch the sun was out and the skies were blue…. it was a nice, warm beautiful Saturday!  So what did I do?  A little of this-P1020681 Yes, I found my husband’s old shirts at a Thrift Shop-and they were marked down to 99 cents!!  Ha Ha!  So they are now washed and waiting to be cut into blocks (thanks Crazy Mom….just what I need – another project!)

I also went to The Satin Moon – a quilting store right in the heart of Victoria.  I only go to The Satin Moon a couple of times a year as there is always a problem with parking.  It is a lovely shop with quilts hanging and huge large windows, so that you can see everything in natural light.

P1020664 As I entered the shop there was a quilt hanging with large hexagons made up of Asian Prints.  I am really into hexagons these days!  It was just gorgeous- all hand pieced….I had to have it!  P1020665 Here is a picture of it- sorry it’s at an angle but it was hanging in the window….. short of climbing into the display window, this was the best I could do…


I love the way there is a frame around each smaller hexagon.  If you look closely, some of the inside hexagons are bigger for added interest.  I LOVE this pattern and can’t wait to make it!


Just one more picture before we move on into the store….


Yes, I bought the pattern and it seems easy enough and would make a good ‘Snowbird’ project for the 5th wheel.  I sure won’t have a shortage of camping projects this winter!!

Now for the rest of the store….I’m not much of a photographer, as you can see-  Nice cement pillar.  The shop was very busy and I had to take the pics around the customers.  A lot of tourists come to Victoria and if you are a quilter you would definitely walk over to the Satin Moon. P1020667 P1020668 P1020669 P1020670 P1020671

They carry lots of Asian and batik fabrics.  Plus they have a Christmas section, children/baby section,wool fiber section, tons of embellishments and lots of books and patterns.  The staff is fantastic- very friendly and helpful.  A great quilting shop!


This wall consists of already packaged kits with the finished quilts hanging on the walls.

P1020673 P1020674

I really liked this Christmas quilt….I would put little stitcheries into those big beige blocks…. (you Australian girls have influence me well…)

P1020679You can tell that you are at the Satin Moon as it is located opposite the entrance to China Town.  See the huge arch and big lions guarding the entrance.  But that is for another Saturday….

So all in all it was a good Saturday….minus the girls…  What I need is a new Saturday partner….but not just any partner…. She needs to be a quilter, like Thrifting, GSing, mall shopping, long walks on the beach and chick flicks…..sounds like an ad in the personals….YIKES! 

Have a super Sunday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. Fantastic quilt shop with a fun name. Lots of blue shirt thrifting going on. I've seen it happening on a few blogs.

  2. If I lived closer, I'd be your partner Paulette but Cornwall is a bit far away!! Love your blog.

  3. Wonderful quilting store. The batiks alone would draw me in. I love them. I was at an antique and flea market today...oh my I came out drooling. Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday.

  4. I would have loved to be your shopping partner too! I Live in Victoria, darn! that is Victoria Australia, oh well.... Love your posts!

  5. Sounds like a great Saturday, I wish I lived near you so I could be your partner :)

  6. Lovely pictures of the Satin Moon Quilt shop- looks like there were lots of lovely things to look at and enjoy.
    I made a pattern called Paperweight by Aardvark Patterns that is very similar to the quilt pattern you bought. If you go back in my list of posts to last fall- it should be in the October posts. I made it for our neice and her husband as a wedding gift.
    I am off to find a couple of things so that I can make a new blog post today.
    Enjoy the weekend.
    Warmest regards,

  7. Paulette, I'll post our flea market finds this week sometime. I only wish I would have had more $$ with me.

  8. What a great quilting shop, well i know i live too far away over the pond in the UK lol
    Hugs Janice

  9. How funny that you found your husband's shirts again, and at a bargain price! I would love to spend a Saturday with you, but Finland is too far away ... The quilting shop is wonderful.

  10. You did a top job of all those great pics. Love the Japanese prints - some of these look very familiar.Looks like a great shop. I too can relate to girls growing up and moving on to Uni. We miss them when they are not around 24/7.

  11. What a pity the UK is too far away, we'd have so much fun shopping together.

    I love the look of that quilt shop, thanks for showing it to us.