Wednesday, September 9, 2009

There are two sides to every story…..

You are probably getting tired of my Garage Sale stories but thought you’d like to hear about Doris and her quilt. So, I’m at a GS (this is how I start all my GS stories) and the lady who is having the Sale, let’s call her Sal (so I don’t have to keep calling her the lady who was having the Sale)…. So Sal has this lovely patchwork quilt for sale. It is a 4 patch, nicely done in very soft, good quality flannelette in rose, green and soft browns.


I said to Sal “How much is the quilt?” she replied a “$1”. I said “Only $!??’ Sal says, “Yeah my friend made it and I don’t like it so I want to get rid of it.’ I got quite upset as I KNOW how much work and $$ goes into making a quilt and to have a ‘friend’ just sell it like that did not sit well with me. So as a fellow quilter I did the only possible thing that I could think of to save that quilter the shame and humiliation of having her quilt sold for only $1!! (I mean really, would you want a quilt you laboured over, sold for a measly dollar!) My thought was shame on you, Sal, some friend you are! Why not just put it in a closet and bring it out when Doris drops over? So I paid the dollar and took the quilt home even though I have a dozen quilts of my own. I spread the quilt out and there is a label on the back….made by Doris xxxx 2008. The quilt was only a year old….just a baby!

P1020696 Sal must REALLY hate Doris to get rid of a quilt that she’s had for only a year or less. What had Doris done to make Sal so angry that she would get rid of her quilt….and for only a dollar? It obviously wasn’t for the money….Sal wanted that quilt out of her house! After much thought, I have come up with a theory…..I think Doris gave Sal the quilt as gift to show her ‘what a good friend she was’ and to throw her off track. Then Doris stole Sal’s husband/boy friend and they ran off together leaving Sal holding the quilt. Now I can see Sal selling the quilt for a $1, can’t you? And there I am stuck with the hussy’s quilt….think I’ll donate it to the Sally Ann…..

What can I say, it was a slow news day……

Have a wonderful, wacky Wednesday and Happy Quilting!


  1. Great story! LOL Pretty quilt too! :0)

  2. Great story is right. I love the quilt. I found a quilt one time at a GS, laying on the ground. I asked the lady if it was for sale. Sure she said, you can have it for 50 cents. I still have it. It hangs over my banister upstairs. How sad that people sell quilts that are given to them in love. If they truly don't want it, why not donate it to a charity. Just so sad!!

  3. It's sad isn't it, but I love your explanation of the background - it makes sense of it all.

  4. What a story - happy you have made up an explanation of why she wanted the quilt out of the house ;o) It is a lovely quilt, and I'm sure someone out there will give it a good home.

  5. Paulette,
    So glad that you saved the quilt- it makes me so sad that Doris's friend valued the quilt so little as to charge a dollar- She could have got so much more.
    It is nice the quilt has gone to a good home where someone will love it.
    Your version of the story is terrific- ..

  6. What a story - what ever th reason at least someone gets to love and enjoy it..
    yeah, shame on Sal!
    Julia ♥

  7. I have told my son if he or his family want anything they have to ask as i could see something like this happening
    It a shame that people don't appreciate all the hard work that goes in to hand crafted items, myself even if i hated it i keep it could always just have it for guest shame that it wasn't better thought of
    Hugs Janice

  8. It is so sad to see that someone's work is not valued at all. You found a good explanation for Sal. Let's hope it is so. If you hate the quilt now, you can always donate it to a shelter or something like that.

  9. Funny . . . as I am preparing for full-timing by getting rid of "stuff", my sisters have been quick to say "You're not going to get rid of any of the quilts I've made for you, are you??!!" No . . . I'll definitely find a place for them in the RV!!