Thursday, September 17, 2009

It’s Club Day….again?

We had such fun at Club on Tuesday that it is taking two days to share everything….as you can see, we had almost too much sharing!!  And I didn’t take pictures of everything….!


This quilt pattern is called Yellow Brick Road.  I loved the colours in this quilt. 

P1020836 Scarves were knit…

P1020837 Lots of “Ohhhhs and Ahhhs” over this scrappy quilt-definitely one of my favourites!


This scarf was made ‘from scratch’- made from wool roving, carded, spun, knit, dyed….so soft and delicate…made with love from a daughter to her mother-in-law.

P1020839 P1020840 P1020842

Click on this picture to make it bigger as you must see the quilting – beautiful sunflowers!


I do not cross-stitch but had to share this as it is machine cross-stitched.  I could not tell the difference.  It was lovely….a cheater!


Finished at last….and boy were we hungry!! It’s hard work ‘ohhhing and ahhhhing quilts all morning!  We met Claire at the restaurant.  Poor Claire teaches Kindergarten every morning and can’t go to Club.


(Left to right- Dawn, myself, Alice and Claire.)  We met Claire at Evening Club about 6-7 years ago-funny story on how we met- I sat down beside her and moaned and she moaned back.  We both confessed to having bad backs (this was in September).  I explained that I was teaching a K-1 class and every September I got a sore back from bending over (tying shoes, leaning over those little desks).  Claire laughed….and explained that she also was a Kindergarten teacher – occupational hazard, I guess!  ;o)  We have been good friends ever since!  


After our lunch, Claire had her own sharing-outside in the parking lot of the restaurant!  Wow, this quilt is huge ‘in real life’ and MAGNIFICENT!!  LOVED it!  Claire is going to put a border on it and sew on button eyes after she gets it quilted.  Well done, Claire  A+!!



Claire used wool felt for the eye spots, muzzles and bones.  Very effective, don’t you think?


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  1. I want to join your quilting club!!! Wow is all I can say.

  2. I love seeing all the projects. Thanks for sharing. I'm a bit partial to the puppy quilt. Maybe because I miss my beloved Pepper and want a puppy.

  3. Those quilts are just beautiful. I think it is good to see everyday quilts made for family and friends, as well as the amazing ones in Exhibitions. Otherwise, if one only sees the amazing ones one can become discouraged. The colours of these quilts are vibrant too.

  4. Those quilts are just beautiful...I love the scrappy quilt!
    Lovely photo of you and the girls..
    Julia ♥

  5. OK, that's IT!!! What date is the next meeting of my new club?