Saturday, September 5, 2009

Feeling a little CRAZY…..?

Dorothy Baker Designs is having a wonderful give-away- a whole mess of good things for stitchery projects.  She is doing this to help celebrate her new BOM, Sweet Nostalgia –which she is also giving away!!  Isn’t it cute?  I can  see it embroidered on a Kindergarten or Grade one child’s quilt…too cute.  It also reminds me of the Dick and Jane fabric that was out a few years ago….which reminds me I have some of that in my stash…hmmmm (can you hear the wheels turning….?)


After I posted yesterday’s blog entry I did my usual blog visiting and stumbled onto one crazy lady!  Notice she is now a member of my Blogs to Follow….I had ‘that connection’ with her. Her blog is called Crazy Mom Quilts.   Anyways, you must go and visit her as she is making a quilt out of old shirts…AND the quilt is going to be absolutely beautiful!  Make sure you click on her referrals as there are some incredible quilts being make from old cotton shirts- LOVE it!  The shirts appear to be checked or striped. Wouldn’t you know it - I gave all of my hubby’s old suit shirts to the Thrift Shop when he retired…darn!

So it is raining here today –  no garage sales for me…so guess where I am off to..?  Yup, I’m off to the Thrift store to check out the cotton shirt section….you just never know what you’ll find!!….maybe they will still have some of my hubby’s old shirts?  :o)

Have a Super Saturday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. Those are some interesting links you posted, and yes, Crazy Mom is great!

  2. I'm off to check that blog. No yard sales here, however tomorrow is a large flea market we plan on going to. Have a wonderful day quilting.

  3. Hi Paulette,

    Thank you for visiting me and posting about my new B.O.M.
    Love your coffee pot collection!

  4. Old shirts rule! I'm totally a recycling, upcycling quilter. Good luck with the hunt for shirts. I'm going to raid my eldest son's closet for shirts he left here 8 years ago.

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