Sunday, September 27, 2009

I’m sticking with quilting…..



So yesterday morning I picked up Maggie, (my daughter) at the ferry terminal and we proceeded to have a lovely day together….we shopped, talked, had lunch, talked, shopped, talked, shopped some more and then it was time for me to drop her off…..time went by too quickly.  Her boyfriend, Toby was already in Victoria as he was in a hockey tournament….but not your usual hockey tournament….Toby plays…..P1030063

UNDERWATER HOCKEY!!  They all have little 8 inch sticks, wear flippers and little team coloured bathing hats  and they go under water and push the puck around….this is what the spectators see….a lot of splashing.  (Come to think of it, we were the only two in the stands!)  Kind of reminded me of sharks going after their prey….P1030070At the end of the game the two teams line up and slap wet hands ….very civilized!   Great fun….but don’t think that  I am  trading in my needle and thimble for fins and stick….no siree sir!  Makes quilting look very tame and VERY enjoyable, don’t ‘cha think? I’m sticking with quilting….how about you?


Of course I stopped at a few Garage Sales on my way to the ferry….it’s NOT me, it’s my car!  It just automatically stops!  What can I do?  So my BIG find today was this big bag of velvets- lots of different, lovely colours.P1030075 P1030073 P1030074

Oh, I am SO going to make a crazy quilt now!!  Did you see the sticker on the bag- $3.00!  (happy dance down the driveway!) It’s a good thing!!

Give-Away Spotted!!  The Old Farmhouse Gatherings is having an awesome Halloween give-away – a huge basket full of Halloween goodies- too much stuff to list!!  You will have to go over and have a peak for yourself!   Sure wish this huge basket was coming to my house….


Have a super sunny Sunday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. What a lovely bunch of velvets you found! Can't wait to see your crazy quilt! :0)

  2. Wow as soon as I seen the word velvet I thought of a crazy quilt. Great price. As to that hockey I've never heard of it. Like you, I'll stick to quilting. You gotta see what I found at the MCC sale yesterday. I have a post ready to go for tomorrow. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  3. Never heard of underwater hockey, not sure how a puck can move too well underwater, lol.

    What a great find, velvets are great for crazy quilting and small make do projects too.


  4. Hi there...what a gorgeous bunch of them♥x

  5. I will certainly be sticking to quilting!! I used to play hockey, but you won't ever find me under the water!!!

    What a great fabric find. That velvet is gorgeous!

  6. Wow what a great buy!
    I have made a few CQ quilts,,,
    That velvet will be gorgeous in a CQ quilt..
    Julia ♥

  7. Oh I love crazy quilting. I'll have to make some blog posts about the fun I had with swaps and round robins a few years back. Lately, I've wanted to get back into CQ. You got some delicious velvets at your latest rummage sale stop!

  8. What gorgeous velvets you found- You find the best fabric deals around Paulette- I made a texture quilt for my mother in law last winter and used velvet, lace, wool, and other fabric squares to pat. She has Alzheimers and it was suggested that she might enjoy having a feely quilt. It appears that it was a success and she will still occasionally use it- especially when someone draws attention to it. My husband is going to Victoria during the Thanksgiving weekend to visit for 5 or 6 days. She turns 87 tomorrow.

    Hope you had a great visit with your daughter- the water hockey looks fun but a challenge physically.
    Warmest regards,

  9. Hi, I saw you on my travels so came to visit. Love your blog, love your dogs!!
    You have the husband I was meant to have- a woodworker! Never mind, I will just have to be happy with the one I have...

  10. Yummy velvets- be careful you don't sew your fingers into the quilt when you stop to stroke the fabric mid-seam...ha!ha! The Hub used to play under-water-hockey and he was forever grazing his knuckles on the bottom of the pool. His hands were a mess.