Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It’s Club Day!!

There is nothing like spending the  day with fellow quilters!!  We are definitely a breed unto our own…and that’s a good thing…I think…

Once a month, starting in September, Alice, Dawn and I drive to Victoria for Club Day.  Alice and I go waaaaayyy back ( elementary school- YIKES!)  Would you believe we reconnected at Sports Day at the school I was teaching at!  I was her grand-daughters’ teacher and didn’t know that Megan and Chelsea were her grand-daughters until the end of the school year!  We quickly discovered that we were both quilters…and what can I say, the rest is history!  Alice has joined Dawn and I ever since.  Dawn is the one who introduced me to quilting and we have been going to Club for 6-7 years now….time certainly does flies when you’re having fun!


Dawn and Alice, two of the nicest ladies that you would ever want to meet!  AND fantastic quilters- what a combination!  Alice is holding two little kimonos that she made to hang on her wall.

I took so many pictures that I will share them over two days (Yahoo, I don’t have to come up with something to write about tomorrow….This blogging is hard work!)  P1020807 This is Natasha, our teacher/leader.  She starts every Club by handing out raffle tickets as there are two or three door prizes at the end of every meeting.  Everyone LOVES a prize!

P1020808   Sorry, all my pictures are at an angle…I’m new to blogging…Next month I will sit front and center! (I used to call the people who sat front and center sucks… I call them bloggers! ha ha)P1020812   P1020815

These two quilts are the results of the mystery quilt from last winter.  They look so different, don’t they?P1020816


This Japanese wall hanging was incredible-it is a lot bigger than it looks here.  She did a beautiful job.


This was my favourite of the day!  Absolutely stunning…wish you could have heard the ohhhhs and ahhhhs!  Totally hand appliqued and hand quilted….a real work of art. I took lots of close up shots so that you could appreciate her work.

P1020820    P1020824     P1020827 P1020828

I love the French knots in the centre of each appliqued flower.

P1020829 P1020830

I love the red flowers and the lattice in the background.  The quilter put little bug buttons here and there….very sweet!

P1020831 P1020832 Some beautiful machine quilting.



This lady was a real character.  She made the black and white jacket and matching purse and she was strutting her stuff like she was a run-way queen!


This is the butt of the lady in front of me….whoops….

Part 2 tomorrow….no butts about it! ;o)

Have a wicked Wednesday and Happy Quilting!


  1. Wonderful pictures. How special to have two friends who love quilting.

  2. thanks for sharing, too cool for words and so inspirational, no butts about it! you made me laugh!

  3. great pics...I love seeing all the quilts..
    Julia ♥

  4. I know I said yesterday that I wanted to join your club, but now I want to resign - everyone there is just too talented.

    Now i'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the piccies.

  5. What beautiful quilts they are really nice sounds like you have fun which is always nice
    Hugs Janice

  6. So many beautiful quilts; it sounds like you have a wonderful Club! Well done getting all those picture taken, even the butt in the front. Maybe it's better to sit in the back after all:-)