Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Twice now, I have sailed my bike past my old school and done a  little happy dance on the seat, in celebration of it being the first day back at school.  Today will be my third such dance.  I wish I could do tricks on my bike or at the very least I wish I could sail past with one foot on the seat and the other in the air, yelling “ Ain’t retirement grand!” at the top of my lungs….wouldn’t you just love to see that?  (Well actually you can….watch the video of me practicing such a feat… OUCH- not a pretty sight!  Not for the faint of heart!  DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!) So this morning after I post this, I will don the helmet,  get on the bike and do the usual standard (safe) happy dance on the seat of my bike as I ride by.  Don’t get me wrong…. I LOVED my job and I LOVED teaching but I sure LOVE retirement more….who knew!!!

It’s a good thing- I discovered a great new blog (new to me!) called Miss Mary Mack and she is having an awesome give-away-  Fabric, a charm pack and a hand-made book/journal. She is celebrating 100 postings…which means I have a lot of reading to do….Hope you enjoy her blog as much as I do!

Have a Terrific Tuesday and First Day of School (WHOOPEEE) AND Happy Quilting!!


  1. Hi Paulette,
    This post made me laugh out loud. Just the visual of you on the bike like in one of the Extreme Bike Games!!! My husband is a teacher...he loves his job too and has a few years to go (at least til we have the college bills paid off), but I can only imagine how nice retirement is. Enjoy it!! Thanks for the link to the give away too.

  2. I love retirement too...it's wonderful.

  3. Sounds sweet! Enjoy and have fun with all your escapades and projects. I love teaching art, but I'm sure I'd get used to retirement in a flash. I know I'd sew more. Careful on that bike, though.

  4. Nice, Mom! I only have 25 or 30 first-day-of-schools to go... ;)

  5. You sound like one little happy trooper....enjoy..

  6. I loved the video of you practicing your biking skills!

    And yes, retirement is great - so great in fact that I've done it twice!