Friday, September 18, 2009

Fun Friday…..

I just read Kim’s post and got a real chuckle….she always makes me laugh.  She was talking about beauty products and how you just can’t go in and buy just a plain toothbrush or plain toothpaste, etc. 

Well let me tell you it’s not just beauty products that are new and improved and gimmicky!  Let me tell you what happened to me the other day….I went in to get a new cell phone (mine died a sudden death after many years of use).  The ‘boy’ behind the counter asked what ‘features’ I wanted… I said I want one with a BIG screen, BIG print and BIG buttons (for my man hands-he was impressed when I held them up!)  I don’t want one that takes pictures, videos or texts….he looked at me like I said I wanted a cell that could call Mars….Apparently there is no such thing as a simple cell phone….WHAT? He proceeded to show me the ‘top’ of the line….I said it was too gimmicky…he had never heard of such a thing….So what did I end up with….? Why this cute, LITTLE phone, with a LITTLE screen and NO buttons but this sleek little pad that I have a heck of a time punching numbers into…..BUT  I can text, take pictures and videos and Mom is now cool, hip and happen! So what if it takes me half an hour to place a call….!   Oh, I hear you Kim…..


Not that much as I have been too busy trying to program my new  phone…..!

Today, after I clean my house (ugh…I hate Fridays!!) I am going to machine quilt this little quilt.  I have finished the borders and it is ready to go….


I really like the little green border- it pops the green centers in the daisies.

P1020942Rylie, my little quilting buddy (see the thread in her mouth….) seems to like this quilt top, too!P1020948  She seems to like it a little TOO much…..oh, oh, a porn star is born!


“Please mom, please make this one for ME!”


“We’ll see….”  (This is what my mom always said to me when she meant “NO!”

AND hopefully the last little blue bird will get some legs and a beak. 

P1020963 P1020960 P1020961

Then I can put on a border and I am thinking I might hand quilt this little number.  Rylie… the birds are not real!  Noooo, Rylie, noooooooo…..

Have a fun  Friday and Happy Quilting~


  1. Lovely quilts and I really like that green border next to the daises. The puppy is so cute too!

  2. What a pretty quilt! I love the light colors on this one! Love your applique too! :0)

  3. What a pretty quilt and I LOVE the birdies and flowers runner! How adorable :o) Your doggie is pretty darn cute too! And I also got a kick out of Kim's post today too ;o)

  4. That little green border is just perfect.

  5. The little puppy is adorable. Your work if very nice. Love the blue and white with green top. very nice. Lizzie

  6. You are cooooool. Is it wool you are using for the applique? I just love the blue and white (green) quilt, it is so "clean" if you know what I mean!

  7. That quilt is so pretty. I love the material. And your dog is so stinking cute!!

  8. Another lovely quilt :) Agreeing that the green adds just the right touch.

    Back to the shirt material quilt ~ I am wondering if you had considered using the shirt buttons in the centre of your geometic squares? I thought that would suit the quilt :)

  9. I think Rylie has a very guilty look in the photo with the thread in her mouth. Are you sure she hasn't eaten a block?

  10. Quilt looking good as is Rylie, the blue bird one is great also
    Hugs Janice

  11. The new quilt top looks very fresh and the green border is just perfect,adding some warmth in the quilt.
    The phone episode could be from my life (luckily my old not-photographing phone still works). There are simple phones with big buttons, but you buy them in the stores which sell walking aids and special kitchen knives for people with handicaps.