Friday, September 4, 2009

I Will Follow You…..

What makes a follower?….a blogging follower that is? 

I am a creature of habit…I do the same things, in the same order every morning.  Get up, turn on the computer, flip on the coffee pot, put the dogs out, walk around the yard so that I can make sure Rylie does her business (no accidents here!), pour my coffee and settle down in front of my computer, check my favourites, write my blog and check others’….does this sound familiar to anyone?  So as I am checking out some brand new blogs this morning I asked myself  “What makes me want to follow a certain blog…what must it have to make me want to read it EVERY morning?”

Here’s what I came up with – I have to have a connection –whether it’s the quilts, the wool felting, the stitcheries, the stories, whatever ‘it’ is, it has to grab me!  This morning I stumbled onto Cathi’s blog called Shakerwood Primitive. She wrote a great story about taking in a co-worker’s two chocolate labs (very cute I might add), I scroll down, nice quilts, very nice quilts and then I come the the enamel coffee pots – BINGO.  She collects coffee pots…not just any coffee pots but enamel coffee pots.  SO DO I!  Instant follower!!  So the dogs, I enjoyed, the quilts - I really liked, but it was a combination of dogs, quilts and coffee pots that clinched the deal for me…I got really excited!  Eureka –there is another coffee pot collector out there just like me AND she quilts and has two dogs-I mean the woman is perfect (what can I say!! –I will follow you, where ever you may go …..OK  maybe a little extremeAnd no I am not a stalker!!) So my list of blogs that I follow, grows a little longer….OK a lot longer…

Cathi this is for you….enjoy!!  The rest of you out in blogland- OK, yes it is a sickness ….  One enamel pot just wasn’t enough!! You’ve got to have more… Only a fellow ‘potter’ would understand…right Cathi..?


…It starts off with one pot….


…then another….


…and another…and another….


and before you know it….you’re addicted….One pot is just never enough!

P1020383 You’ve got to have mooooorrrrrre!P1020385Yes, I even do ‘pots’ outside…..what do the neighbours say….”Nice Pots!”  

Make sure you check out Cathi’s pots…she has problems too….

Oh yeah….Quilting- I just love the string baby quilt that I am making.  Very easy and fast…so you may be asking-if it’s so fast why haven’t I finished it?  Well would you believe the dogs ate my homework?  No…well how about –my husband accidently threw it out with the trash?  No…well would you believe that I have been too busy polishing my pots….? ha ha….  Couldn’t resist!  Tah dah….this is it, so far….I love it!  P1020663

I still need to sew the blocks together and put a border on but I am really happy with it!  Love all the bright, sunny colours!  This one is more for a baby girl, so the next one I make will have more blues in it.

GIVE-AWAY SITED!!! The Fat Quarter Shop is having an awesome give away!  If you love Civil War Fabrics as much as I do,  you will love this give away- check it out!

Also check out Lynda’s new blog, Primitive Pieces.  She went to the Buggy Barn Quilt show and took tons of pics of all the quilts - absolutely gorgeous quilts!  Many of them are made from Lynda’s Patterns.  Such a talented lady!

Have a friendly Friday (that means you have to be especially nice and friendly to everyone you meet ) and Happy Quilting! 

Paulette :o)


  1. This was a lovely post, very much my thoughts about deciding which blogs to follow.
    My Friday is three quarters gone already, and I have been friendly to everyone I've met today (DH, son and FIL).

  2. Terrific enamel coffeepots! We all have our little collecting sicknesses. Loving your string quilt.

  3. I love your string quilt. It's interesting what you mentioned about followers. Like you they have to draw my interest. Your's certainly has. Hugs.

  4. Love this blog! i think that this mirrors a lot of peoples lives, mine included. In the comfort of your own home you get a feeling of belonging to a wider community and it gives you a lovely warm feeling that all is not lost in this world of commerce and hi tech. reading and seeing other people doing their own thing and being creative just for the love of it is so heartwarming.

  5. My day starts and is pretty much like yours Paulette...
    I have one enamel coffee pot, does that count!
    Julia ♥

  6. That's a good question and made me think, while I was drinking my coffee. I think, when I read a few entries on someone's blog, I just "feel" a connection somehow.

    By the way, the snowball quilt looks wonderful and I am looking forward to seeing it quilted.

  7. I always wondered why the cupboards didn't go all the way to the ceiling... now I know! Coffee pots (and probably tea pots) - if I'd only known sooner (sigh)

  8. Oh yes, I have a pot sickness too, only mine are Burleigh ware blue and white jugs, although I have a few teapots now too, your collection is beautiful xo

  9. Love your new quilt that is just so pretty ...and what a wonderful selection of pots....