Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First day of Fall…..

I’ve been saving this wall hanging for the first day of Fall!  Isn’t it the perfect quilt for just such an occasion…nothing like sunflowers, crows and fall leaves!  I would LOVE to say that I made this one but alas…no….This wall hanging was on display  at the Fall Fair.  It was stunning.  I  couldn’t take a full picture of the hanging as the quilt was tucked in a corner….in fact I almost missed it!  So I could only take close up shots.  Isn’t it gorgeous?


I tried to find Vicky, the lady who made this hanging as I had all kinds of questions for her….like…did you hand dye the fabric?  But she was no where to be found.  Each sunflower leaf was a different shade of yellow.  Each leaf a different shade of green and brown and they weren’t fully stitched down for the 3D look.  The stitching was beautiful!

P1020988 P1020989

Vicky sewed little circles for the seeds as well as stitched on a large cluster of seed beads…a lovely touch!

P1020990 P1020991 P1020992 P1020993

After looking at the sunflowers, the crows all of a sudden popped out at you.  Very subtle but beautifully done.


A masterpiece- the sewing machine was the paint brush,  and the fabric was the paint and canvas. 

Have a wonderful Fall!

It’s a good thing~ Make sure you check out Karen’s Tool Time Tuesday …..she continues to amaze me!!  As you know, my husband and I are ‘snowbirds’ so every January we head to Arizona and Southern California.  While my husband drives, I sew… Karen has come up with some ‘tools’ to make my sewing easier in the truck!  I am SO going to be checking out the doughnuts, cream puffs, cookie containers….last year I had such a hard time keeping my sewing ‘stuff’ contained.  I used zip-lock bags but I was forever losing my thread, scissors, needle…..AND the hexagon holder- I LOVE it!  I was finding hexagons all over the 5th wheel. And the cup with the lid-I’m going to put my thread in there with the thread coming out and I’m also going to stick my scissors in the hole when I’m not using them.   Thank you, Karen!!  You MUST pay Karen a visit and see these ‘tools’ for yourself!

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!


  1. Happy Fall! I just bought a little pumpkin at the grocery store. :o) That quilt is stunning. The sunflowers look so real you want to touch them. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow! Stunning. Such a shame you couldn't get a snap of the whole thing. You'll have to make one to show us how good that would look. ;-)

  3. That quilt is a work of an artist! I love the colours and the crows.
    - The tool ideas are great.

  4. That quilt is awesome, so many details.

  5. That wall hanging is gorgeous! I know you are going to love looking at it all the time!

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  7. HI Paulette,
    What a fabulous sunflower art quilt.
    The quilter has added such spectacular details- all the gorgeous threadwork, beads and shades of gold in the petals in the flowers. It is a terrific piece and must have been particularly stunning in person.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Warmest regards,

  8. That quilt is amazing, and all the detail in it, wowwww.

  9. The quilt is stunning...so "artsy" and the sunflowers are perfect for fall or any season really.

  10. Vicky is a member of our guild, I forwarded this to her. So Beautiful!

  11. Your sunflower quilt is beautiful. The overlapping petals give it the perfect depth of space.