Thursday, October 24, 2013

Leaving on A Jet Plane…

…and NO I am not going to Houston!!  I’m probably the only quilter on the planet going in the opposite direction but that’s OK…Calgary sounds great to me!! 

I packed my bags…but more importantly I packed what I’m taking to stitch while waiting at the airport and while on the plane…


My daughter was saying the weather in Calgary is gorgeous…14 to 16 C (just over 60F) and sunny skies…will I be jinxing it by taking Frosty Mugs??  (It’s not unheard of to have *snow* in Calgary in October…Geeze Louise..I HAD to say it…  Sheesh…)


I stocked up on my wool threads…


I’ve got all the right colours…check, check and double check!


Two sizes of needles…just in case the ride is bumpy and I need a big eye!


And clips to hold everything together.  I will unroll it as I finish a section…that way I won’t lose any bits and pieces!


Nice and compact!


Put into the case…


…with the rounded tip scissors on top…


…just in case they think I’m a danger to those around me…or to myself!!  Honest…I’ll be careful…


So the plan is… to have a long weekend filled with some quality mother/daughter hi-jinx… maybe a Quilt Shop or two,  a wee bit of Mall madness, hikes with the Grand-dogs…Oh and there IS that little thrift shop down the hill…I’ll fill you in on Monday…!!  Stay tuned…

Have a great weekend!! ~P


  1. It pays to be organized. Have a great mother/daughter weekend. Hope there's no fog there. Oh, and of course, no snow. J

  2. What a glorious plan..all good things together! You've inspired me to get out that same kit that I ordered last spring. We've already had snow showers, so I won't be jinxing our weather. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I know you'll have fun and so glad there won't be any flooding this time of year but do look out for those killer snowflakes!

  4. I hope you have a wonderful time with your daughter and enjoy some stitching time too. I need to get my snowmen put together.


  5. Have a wonderful time with your daughter! I hope Calgary's lovely weather will be heading to Eastern Ontario.

  6. You're so clever! I love the idea of rolling up applique projects and holding them with clips. Great idea! Have a wonderful visit with your daughter!

  7. Have a wonderful weekend! Traditional Pastimes is the quilt shop I go to when I am in Calgary...well worth a visit and a wonderful sandwich deli next door! Enjoy!

  8. What a great idea to use those clips. It would definitely solve a lot of problems. I have that pattern and need to get started on it. Enjoy your trip.

  9. Sounds like a great weekend! Love all your prep work.:)

  10. Sounds like a great plan, but you need to toss your daughter on that plane and keep on flying to Saskatoon. It's the Fanning the Flames quilt show on this weekend. and it's looking to be a super show (as usual)

  11. You are well organized. Have a good trip and stay warm.

  12. Have a great trip and visit with your daughter. I got the Frosty Mugs kit a few weeks ago when Dorr Mill had it on sale. Now just to find time to get it done. It's on "the list."

  13. Have a great trip and visit with your daughter. I got the Frosty Mugs kit a few weeks ago when Dorr Mill had it on sale. Now just to find time to get it done. It's on "the list."

  14. This must be the weekend to travel! I'm sitting in the airport terminal in Nashville waiting to change planes. On my way to Florida to visit with family. Hope you're having a great time with your daughter! Sounds like you're prepared with your projects. I brought along hexagons to work on:). Have fun !!!

  15. Have a wonderful time! I am working on the same project!

  16. What brand are those wool threads with the paper wrapper?

    I am not on my way to Houston. I have been three times and it is an awesome experience. My body can't take it any more so I have seen my last show there.

  17. Sounds wonderful, love your project with all the trimmings.

  18. My daughter lives in Calgary, too. She said she loves snow. How can a gal from Georgia love snow?

  19. Hope your week-end has been great so far. We've had snow twice here in Ontario. Thank heavens it melted. It's not cold enough to stay, which is a blessing - it's just too early!

  20. Hope it was a great weekend Paulette!