Thursday, October 10, 2013

P2’s WOOLY Goodness and New SHOP!

Yesterday I received a big Thank You from pbee…better known as the other Paulette or P2, winner of my Crazy About Wool Give Away!  Included in the thank you was a picture of her latest creation…this Kim Diehl table runner…GORGEOUS…eh?! 


Man, P2 wields a mean needle and thread! 

Listen P2…any time you want to share a finished project, feel free to send those pictures in!!  After all, with one little stroke of the keys this blog can be called Sweet P2 Quilting!:o)))

SEW…yesterday I left you hanging…I was off to the brand new quilt shop that just opened in my neck of the woods…literally 5 minutes away (I can ride my BIKE!!)!  

The new shop is called Kaleidoscope Quilts and is located in Whippletree Junction…this is a tourist place where all the buildings look like Old Town…right out of the OLD WEST! 

Here, let me give you a little tour…


In the ‘town square’ we have the cutest hand made doll shop…


…complete with hand made doll clothing!  Look at the knit Cowichan Sweater…how cute is that!!


Several refurbished furniture places…


and they sell Chalk Paint and Wax called Van Gogh’s which is Canadian made over on Salt Spring Island!


Clothing shops and Knitting Studios….


High end hand made furniture shops…In the Summer this square would be full of people eating ice cream from the little Ice Cream Shop…


This is the back of the Rattan and Wicker Shop…


And here we have the Loom…a knitting shop just jam packed with yarns and other goodies!


Ahhh…and now we have a Quilt Shop…Kaleidoscope Quilt Company!!


OK…maybe it’s not the Country Loft but in all fairness the shop is bright and fresh and everything is new!  I met the owner…a young gal who is also fresh and bright and very eager and you could tell that quilting is her passion!!  What more can you ask for!  She was asking all of her customers what fabrics they liked…I ohhed and ahhhed the Jan Patek fabric “Cross Roads”  that she had brought in…hint hint…haha.  She has a mid arm Juki Sewing Machine set up on a B-Line frame in the far corner… which she was going to make available to her customers!  I thought that was exciting!!  There was also a huge classroom…and she talked about bringing in some great teachers!


The fabric was all $18.95…Canadian prices…:o( but that is the norm.  I may not be buying much fabric BUT I will be buying the notions…and this shop is close enough for me to pop into to buy thread and needles and patterns and anything else that I may need…I will be supporting it anyway I can!  If I didn’t already own a mid arm I would DEFINITELY be using that!!


Sew all in all…I think this shop has great bones and in time and with our support she will fatten up!!  I wish Kaleidoscope Quilt Company a long and prosperous run!  If you live on the Island then swing by and check her out!!  Whippletree Junction is right on the Island Highway!  You can’t miss her!

I hope you have a thrilling Thursday!  Thanks for popping by!~P


  1. What a fun town, would love to be a bike ride away from there.


  2. I haven't been to Whippletree Junction in years, I think it's time to make a trip over to the island soon!

  3. I'd love to visit Whippletree Junction - my kind of place! One day.

  4. How exciting! And what a quaint looking town, sweet.

  5. Fun to have a quilt store so close! Very sweet looking town.

  6. What neat little shops and such a cute town name, Whippletree Junction, sounds like a place that would be on a sit-com... happy, pleasant and homey!!!

  7. What a cute area! I wish her a long and prosperous business!

  8. Adorable little town. Thanks for sharing the photos and I, too, wish the new quilt shop lots of luck!