Tuesday, October 8, 2013



Head on over to Dorr Wool Mills…all wool and wool kits are on SALE!!  Now’s your chance to pick up some wool for a lot less!!

For instance this wool kit is $70 over at Primitive Gatherings…

210CozyFleece (1)

Over at Dorr’s Wool Mills the same kit is…(are you sitting down??) ONLY $24!!!  Yup, you heard me!!  ALL of their kits and wool are on sale NOW!!  Hurry!

AND…OMGosh!!  All their textured bolt wool is $17.60 a YARD  or LESS!!  Compare that to the competitions’ $64.00 a yard!!  HUGE savings!!  Big…REALLY BIG!

GO!  NOW!!  P:))  Man, I am SEW bossy!


  1. OMGosh is right! You are such a bad influence, but I love it! Thanks for the tip. I just went over to Dorr Mill and placed an order. Love their shop! Love Primitive Gatherings too. Check out their little "Snowtime" kit for $16.00.

  2. Thanks for the information, you get me in trouble HA! Now, off to the sewing room and dream about the wool that coming to Oregon for me.