Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Win Win for both Paulettes!!

My Give Away ended on Saturday when I announced that pbee won!  Little did I know that pbee is a talented wool worker and has several wonderful projects under her belt!  AND guess what the p is for in her pbee handle?  Are you sitting down…?  PAULETTE!!  Who knew?!

So this lucky Paulette (me) was sent the following pictures from the other Paulette (pbee)…the lucky one!! 

These are a few of Paulette’s finished projects…

Love the long pillow gracing her white couch!  Yowzers…bet this Paulette doesn’t own a Cockapoo dog…(let along TWO)…that couch would NOT be that colour if she did!!


Ohhh… be still my heart…LOOK at the twister quilt with the wool vine going around the quilt!  Love it!!  Hey, let’s TWIST AGAIN, like we did last summer…Oh yeah…!  This is now on this Paulette’s Bucket List!!


And it looks like Paulette is addicted to pumpkins…WE have a lot in common besides the name!

paulette's2013-09-23_17-09-04_645 (1)

I wonder how she feels about snowmen, baskets, gingerbread men, and civil war fabric…oh and homespun?  I have a feeling that she LOVES all of these things…how could she NOT, with a name like Paulette?  But is she SWEET?  Yup…that’s what I REALLY want to know…because there is only ONE Sweet P allowed in Blogland!  Problem solved…this Lucky Paulette could be called Sweet Pbee!  Now all she needs is a blog…

Thanks for sharing, Sweet Pbee!! We loved seeing all of your Fall projects!

Have a good one…~P (the Sweet original…:)


  1. Sounds like you have found a soul sister! Who knew there was another Paulette with a passion for pumpkins and wool! Enjoy the new friendship!

  2. Love her quilting and decorating, beautiful work and no way would I be able to have a light couch, lol.


  3. Can't believe it I just started the same body pillow with the pumpkins. Check out my blog.

  4. how cool is that, I love when things come together like that.

  5. WOW! The quilts look so good on your blog! You are right about us loving the same things, but the 'sweet' label is all yours...I'll take sour or salty, either goes well with sweet! Thank you for the give-away. I have some green leave that I need to make soon....