Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Traditional Pastimes…part TWO!

SEW…we are still in Traditional Pastimes Quilt Shop here in Calgary, Alberta!!  What a shop…such EYE CANDY and such wonderful people!  I mentioned in Part One how super the owner was…my daughter and I got the royal tour and her helper was just as nice!  I love a shop where the staff makes you feel welcome and appreciated!  One of the ladies mentioned to my daughter that they have a Modern Quilt Club meeting once a month and Erin was certainly more than welcome to join in!  In fact they have several different Clubs meeting monthly…one being the Jan Patek Club!  Man, would I love that!  (Do you think my hubby would miss me if I disappeared for a couple of days every month?:0)

There was a Club Meeting while we were there and these lovely ladies were VERY friendly!  They kindly invited us to pull up a chair and join in…unfortunately we had people to see…places to see…Quilt Shops to conquer!  (Did I mention that all of these drop in Clubs are FREE?!!)


OK…back to the shop tour…isn’t it funny how you can look at your pictures and see a quilt that you didn’t notice before…like this one!!!  LOVE IT!!…but I didn’t REALLY SEE it while at the shop!!  If I had, then that quilt pattern would have come home with me!!


There were little Halloween vignettes throughout the shop….


…with spooktacular Halloween quilting on the quilts!



including this sweet Halloween Pillow!


Gorgeous quilts done in Japanese prints and yarn dyed fabrics…this one with cross stitched blocks!!  Beautiful!


More cross stitched blocks…


A Jan Patek section in the shop!  Oh man…there’s another quilt that I would LOVE to take a better look at!!  Can you see it…sweet bird, berries and is that wool in the centre?  I may need to go back…and SOON!!  ;o)


Tons of books…in both tradition quilts and modern!


Did I mention that there was a Lynette Anderson section in the store?!  This quilt was exquisite…and such a lot of work!!  YIKES!! And ALL hand quilted in teeny tiny stitches!!  Just perfect!


Lynette Anderson’s new fabrics…a sequel to Scandinavian Christmas!




There were other Aussie quilts like this one by Anni Downs!!  SO CUTE!!


Loved the machine quilting in this quilt…


There was inspiration EVERYWHERE!!


Loved this whimsical quilt!


Both Erin and I LOVED the newsprint background fabric in these two pillows!!  It must have been a hot seller as it was all gone!!  I am now on the hunt!


This quilt was massive and absolutely breathtakingly beautiful!!  Wish I could remember the name and the designer…but then it’s way beyond my expertise!!


This picture doesn’t do this simple quilt justice…it’s those fabrics!  Lovely!


SEW…there you have it!  I’m sure that Quilt Sampler Magazine must have visited this shop…because if they haven’t they really SHOULD!!  One of the nicest shops that I have ever been in!!

Tomorrow I will show you the Calgary LOOT…and the hiking pictures!  Well worth the trip back! 

Speaking of trip back…I can’t wait to go back to Traditional Pastimes…so much that I didn’t SEE!! I mean REALLY see!  haha

Have a terrific Tuesday and happy stitching! ~P


  1. Great quilt shots, looks like a fabulous shop. Yes, you will have to go back soon. We need more inspiration.

  2. If you ever had your own quilt shop, I think it would be just like this one! All of the pictures are lovely.Can't wait to see the loot!

  3. Wow! Lots of quilting beauty and inspiration in your last two posts from Calgary. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  4. That quilt is Coxcomb Medallion by Sue Garman. I have admired it for a long time - sigh.

  5. That looks like a sewperb shop. Thanks for showing it to us.

  6. Love the looks of that shop! The newsprint fabric looks like fabric that is a dictionary of sewing words from the line "Mama Said Sew" by Sweetwater for Moda. I just saw a bunch of that line at Holly Hill Quilt Shoppe in West Linn Oregon while on vacation there a few weeks ago. Their web site is hollyhillquiltshoppe.com. Thanks for the shop tour. It was great!

  7. WOW! What an incredible shop - thanks so much for the wonderfully detailed tour.

  8. Thank you for sharing this great shop. So many beautiful quilts! I just keep scrolling!

  9. Way too many good things in that shop, would definitely empty my pockets, lol.


  10. Thanks for the fabulous pictures! Love the Idea of the free clubs. Wish I lived closer!

  11. Love it even more Paulette. Thanks for sharing more:)

  12. Thanks for taking us to so many quilt shops! There was do much inspiration in these photos

  13. Wow! Great tour! Looks like a great place to be! It's amazing how wonderful so many shops are!

  14. Thanks for letting us be a part of your wonderful vacation. I love seeing all the quiltspiration. I am ready for a hike now!!!