Saturday, October 19, 2013


I stumbled onto the newest edition of Quiltmania Magazine yesterday at a local book shop!  I always feel like Steve Martin in ‘The Jerk’ when his new phonebook arrives and does his happy dance and goes running throughout the town screaming “THE NEW PHONEBOOK IS HERE!!  THE NEW PHONEBOOK IS HERE!!”  Only I would be screaming “The NEW QUILTMANIA IS HERE!!  THE NEW QUILTMANIA IS HERE!” 

It’s a hard magazine to find…and here in Canada it is usually a month behind…but that’s OK as long as I can get my hot sweaty hands on it!! 

So let me share just a snippet of it with you!!  It’s the Sept/Oct. issue…and on the cover is a Laundry Basket Quilt by Edyta Sitar!  Gorgeous…


Cobblestone Flowers is a Chery Gunn (Waltzing with Bears) design.  A very nice wool on cotton runner!!  It would be a fast and easy one to make and love the fall colours!!


And I love this sweet little candle mat by Rhonda McCray from Farmhouse Threads!!  Ahhhhdorable!!  I want…


And then…I KEEP going back to THIS QUILT!  If there was ever a quilt that might sway me to the dark side of batiks this one would be IT!!  BUT…can’t you see this one done in soft hand dyed wools…just sayin’.. it would be beautiful!!  Edyta raw edged machine appliqued this quilt…so it would be easy to transfer this one to wool…


…BUT…look at all those little itty bitty feather fingers!!  Yikes!!

I love this magazine!!  If you want to see more projects in this magazine then you NEED to go HERE!!  But be warned…you might find yourself running through the streets where YOU live waving your new copy of Quiltmania screaming “THE NEW QUILTMANIA IS HERE!!  THE NEW QUILTMANIA IS HERE!!”  Just sayin’…. 



  1. I made the pumpkin mat for our LQS and displayed it with the page open and all the magazines sold out. The vine border on Edyta's quilt I am hooking to be a band around a basket that will hold my hooking supplies. I am taking artistic license and making the leaves all different colors.

  2. I saw this design and her new wedding ring design online several months ago & fell in love too! Saw the mag in calif when we were there & thought I'd grab a copy easily when I got home...proved trickier than I thought...but I had sweet success Monday! I love it batiks or wools or wharever...its so warm & beautiful...and as you pointed out...the rest of the mag isn't too shabby either,

  3. That would be the way to do that quilt--lovely dyed wools! I say go for it!

  4. I like some issues, especially the holiday ones.
    I still have the ones I got, with patterns I want to make, so maybe next year, haha.


  5. I just got my copy today and agree that cover quilt is tempting. Quiltmania is the only quilting magazine I care that much about anymore. I love every issue and their books too!

  6. I love ANYTHING Edyta and just picked up this mag recently myself. There's a LOT of cute, cute stuff in there!!!

  7. Finding a copy here in the backwoods of W Tennessee is almost impossible. I subscribed waiting for my first issue. Can't wait.