Thursday, October 17, 2013


My Summer Blooms kit from Primitive Gatherings is finally here after waiting for nearly three months…BUT it was SEW worth the wait!  Just look at the kit all laid out…makes me feel so organized!


Each block comes in a zip lock with the pattern, fabric and wool!

And just LOOK at the finishing kit!  Those red wools are wonderful!


It also comes with a full colour photo of the finished quilt…gorgeous, isn’t it!


I think this will be my stitching project for the long drive down to Southern California this year!  Can’t wait!

If I have managed to sway you, you can still hop on board…your kit is waiting for you HERE!  I’m sure that the crew at Primitive Gatherings will happily whip you up one of your very own.  Hey, we can work on it together! :o)

Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Love it. Going to Primitive Gathering next week. I will have to check this out along with all the other lovies they have. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Looks like a great take along project. Those reds are gorgeous.

  3. You would have to post that Paulette! After drooling over that kit for some time, I managed to win my struggle against the temptation to buy it. Now I'm tempted all over again! Thanks a bunch. :-) Can't wait to see yours all complete, I know it will be beautiful!

  4. You are lucky Paulette,

    Some if the kits still haven't been shipped, you must have got your order in at just the right time.

    I have to get back on the band wagon and start stitching mine again. I managed to misplace on of my threads and have to wait until I go to Houston at the end of the month to replace it. I'll get it quicker than waiting for it to be mailed.

    Have fun with the kit. The larger weekly block is also lovely.

  5. Looks lovely! Happy Stitching!

  6. So worth the wait. It will be gorgeous!

  7. That is one gorgeous quilt--happy stitching, I guess you guys are not leaving until after Christmas this year??

  8. I do love their designs and that is a stunning quilt. Great project to put together for your winter trip.


  9. I'm tempted but I have so many other things waiting for me! Can't wait to see your progress!

  10. It's going to be beautiful, a great take a long project.

  11. I just looked at it online - the whole kit is $75? That includes the patterns and the wool? Is that right? I know it's not large but that seems like a really good price. Is the finishing kit extra? blessings, marlene