Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Charity Quilt Pattern…and it’s FREE!

I’ve had several readers asking about the pattern for the quilt that Heritage Quilters mass produced!


Do you remember them?  Heritage made over thirty of these quilts!!  While I was down south they had a mass block cutting session where all the blocks were cut out and assembled into ‘kits’.  Volunteers took home the ‘kits’ and stitched the blocks together to form the tops!


The quilters then quilted them…another team put on the bindings…until..tada…thirty or more FINISHED quilts!!  Apparently it takes a village to make a quilt or two…or thirty!!  Now that’s what I call team work!

LUCKY YOU!! This pattern, which is called ‘Framed Rectangles Quilt’ just happens to be a FREE PATTERN from All People Quilt! You can get the pattern HERE!!  Now your guild can mass produce these magnificent quilts too…FAST and EASY…with just a little bit of Team work!!  Or you can make one for yourself…it’s that easy!

Thanks for popping in…it’s always good to see ya’!! Happy cutting, stitching, quilting and binding!! ~P

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