Saturday, October 5, 2013

Wool…and WHERE to buy it!

My friend Claire, has been busy working on the ‘Merry Christmas Quilt’ by Heart to Hand!  Here’s a picture of the pattern so that you can see for yourself just how beautiful this wool quilt is!


We both love this pattern…but Claire decided to ‘tweak’ a block or two…or three!!  Check out her changes…

She’s revamped the Christmas Angel…(love the new and improved version!!) and instead of the bird with the long tail feathers, she has added two sweet birds and a bird house!  The birds are off Norma Whaley’s pattern ‘Pine and Holly Runner’ and look wonderful teamed up with a birdhouse!


Claire also wanted Rudolph on her quilt so she got rid of the white flowers under the “Merry Christmas” and added a reindeer!!  Love it!!


So what do you think?  Pretty darn nice if you ask me!!  Makes me want to break out the red and green wool!!

Hey speaking of WOOL…have you checked out the PRICE of hand dyed wool lately!!  What’s with THIS?…Over at Primitive Gatherings Online Shop hand dyed wool is now $60.00 a yard!!!!! YOWZERS!!  You heard me…That’s SIX ZERO Big-buckolas!!   Over at Hollyhock Hills Designs it is still only $31.00 a yard!!  That’s a difference of $29.00 a yard!! YIKES…that’s HUGE!!  Please go and check it out…compare for yourself!

I have ordered from Hollyhock Hills before and I can tell you this…it is top quality premium hand dyed wool…the SAME wool that Primitive Gatherings and the other Wool Shops sell!!   Hollyhock Hills is run by one lady, Melvina and she works her tail off to give us the best for the least amount of money!! Melvina also charges just what the shipping costs and she takes the packages to the post office herself so she can get the best deal!  Her service is fast and efficient…and she tries her darndest to give us the biggest bang for our buck…and I for one APPRECIATE it!!  So if you need wool, give her a try…you won’t be sorry!!  And NO, I don’t get any kick backs for writing this…I am thankful that Melvina is able and willing to sell her wool so reasonably…I’m sure she is making very little on her wool, so the more business she gets, the better it is for her… and for us!!  We have to support the little guy!!  So please SPREAD THE WORD…that’s Hollyhock Hills Designs for all your hand dyed and bolt wool!  It’s gorgeous stuff!

OK…enough preaching for one day!!  Thanks for popping in and have a super sunny Saturday!~P


  1. This is why I love your blog. You always share good information.
    I went to the site and love the wools. The only thing I could not find is where she is located. Do you know where she is? I know she is only mail order but I like to know where people are. Just part of my OCD! LOL!
    Now back to the site to drool over some wool I need.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Claire's changes are fantastic! I think it makes the quilt more Christmas looking with her additions. Good job, Claire.

  3. Her wool is amazing! And the price is so awesome, you know how much wool I go through??? Thank you so much for sharing her website with us!

  4. Love the new version, very nice wool pieces. I think wool has gone way over board with pricing, that is why I stashed for years, so I would be ready for now, when I can't afford it, lol.


  5. Cute pattern~ I love the changes! And thanks for the wool tip! ;-)

  6. Love the changes she made! Thanks for the tip about wool. I've put myself on a wool diet - it's gotten too costly for me. blessings, marlene

  7. I like the changes Claire has made to her top. I like to do that too. It kinds of makes the quilt your "own"

  8. I love the new version And tank for the adress of wool
    That's true...
    Hâve a Nice day

  9. Lovely wool project. I think changing things up makes it more personal and special. It amazes me the variation of cost for wool. That's a HUGE difference.

  10. Please give me some ideas for USING the wools. I've seen lots of little things to lay on tables or hang on the walls. If wool is used on a quilt, can that quilt really be "used" or is it just a pretty thing? I bought some wool layer cakes from MODA- Minnick & Simpson colors, plaids and solids. But, besides pin cushions, what can I do with them?

  11. I like how Claire personalized her quilt, Rudolph is adorable.
    Her santa's face is very nice too.
    Thanks for the wool tip, it is nice to find choices with prices going up.
    XO Carrie

  12. Love her changes! It makes the pattern just that much more special when someone adapts it a little. Thanks for the wool source...great review!

  13. Claire has certainly taken off at top speed since retiring. I like that she has personalized her wool piece.

    I am saving the web address for the wool. I cringe when I look at wool prices and think I should learn to do it myself but I don't want to spend my time that way.