Monday, October 28, 2013

Traditional Pastimes Quilt Shop…

My long weekend in Calgary was AWESOME!  It was jam packed with out of this world quilt shops, amazing food, INCREDIBLE hiking trails, playtime with my two ginormous and rambunctious grand-dogs and time spent with new-to-quilting daughter… with dribs and drabs of her BF here and there!! The poor guy had to put up with quilt talk/girl talk the whole weekend!! 

I took 55 pictures of my FAVOURITE Quilt Shop…so I will have to space them out over a couple of days so that you get to savour them all!

So enough of the small talk…here is TRADITIONAL PASTIMES QUILT SHOP!! Let me just shout this out to the world… “I LOVED this shop”!

P1240700 - Copy

This is Bernadette the owner of the shop…the nicest lady that you will ever want to meet!!  She was so friendly and helpful…as was her staff! She was a real dynamo!!


When I asked Bernadette about a pattern that she had on her BLOG (from a few years ago) Bernadette took me downstairs to the classroom where ALL the ‘old’ quilts are stored!!  Man, it was like opening up Fort Knox!!  Talk about QUILTS!!  Piles and stacks of gorgeous quilts…let me show you a small sampling…

P1240702 - CopyP1240703 - CopyP1240705 - CopyP1240706 - CopyP1240707P1240708

These were just a few beauties buried in the stacks!  WOW!!


Then back upstairs there was a quilting customer waiting to show Bernadette her finished quilt…and it was the Quilt that I was asking about!!  Freaky!  I will talk more about this quilt at a later date…:0))


What I really liked about this shop was the mix of traditional (for me) and modern for my daughter!!  We were both happy…and busy!


Such eye candy!!


My heart STOPPED when I saw this quilt!!  It’s a Norma Whaley pattern called Star Garden!  Bernadette said it was a past BOM that their store featured!!  Beautifully done in reds and greens that were almost greys!  Loved it!  (I ended up buying their last kit!!…but I bet Bernadette would make up more…she’s THAT nice!)


It is also WAY nicer in ‘real’ life!!


Feast your eyes on this Lynette Anderson’s Secret Garden Quilt!!  Magnificent!


Here I am going to let you wander…P1240717

YES, she had WOOL!!  And plenty of wool patterns!!


Traditional Pastimes even has a Jan Patek CLUB!  Be still my heart!!


Yikes!!  I am late for Heritage Quilting…more of this shop tomorrow…and if I can squeeze in any of our hiking pictures I will!!  After all we DO need a little bit of exercise!

Have a great day and thanks for coming with us to Traditional Pastimes Quilt Shop!!  While you wait for the rest of the pictures, you might like to visit their website and their BLOG, La Piazza!  You won’t be sorry!


  1. Glad you had a fun visit with your daughter. You sure know just the quilts and patterns that get ME drooling!!! Applique and all my favorite colors...gorgeous!

  2. What a great shop, definitely a place that you want to bring extra cash too.


  3. Wow! Looks like you had a great time.

    Some real nice photos of this wonderful quilt shop. Thanks for sharing the links...I'm off to visit :)

  4. That was just wonderful P and I can't wait to see more pictures when time permits for you, thanks so much for sharing.

  5. Oh, my, you have all of us drooling. What a wonderful shop. Beautiful quilts. Can't wait to hear about the "basket" quilt.

  6. Great shop, want to hear more. Wish the web site was more extensive. Are you going to show the loot you bought?

  7. Great shop, want to hear more. Wish the web site was more extensive. Are you going to show the loot you bought?

  8. Okay, I am officially jealous. That store looks amazing!

  9. wow! what a place! i loved seeing those photos, can't imagine how great they must all be in person! hope to see more, that lady was meant to bring that quilt in at that time to show you! amazing!

  10. Could you tell me the name of the basket quilt. I love basket quilts. Thank you, cindy

  11. I knew you would love the shop! I love the kit you purchased! You'll have lots of fun with that one!

  12. OMG! This quickly became one of MY favorite quilt shops too!

  13. Bernadette is a lovely lady, she used to work at a LQS I frequented by in 1988 when I first moved into my condo. The shop was in Burnaby and she and the owner were some of the best people.

    We were sad when she moved to Calgary but happy she kep up with the quilting.

    She made a lovely quilted brides dress for I think her sister in was amazing.

    Have to check out the shop when I get to Calgary again. Can't wait to see more pictures,

  14. YUM!!!! Thanks for the fun show of quilts in their shop!