Monday, September 30, 2013

Machine Monday and Heritage Happenings…

What’s on my machine this Monday?…well maybe I should have said what’s coming off my machine this Monday?

I finished quilting this sweet scrappy charity quilt lovingly made by our own sweet Betty! 


Betty is the lady from Heritage who bangs off more charity quilts than anyone I know!  She is incredible!


As you can see, I quilted it with daisies…practice…practice…practice!


These charity quilts are perfect for practicing on!  Thank you, Betty!  Keep ‘em coming!


Here’s a view of the back…soft blue flannel!  This scrappy happy quilt is going to keep some baby warm and cozy!


Now onto Heritage Happenings!! 

We had two very special guests attend our last Monday Meeting…the two big winners of the Heritage Award from the Cowichan Exhibition and the Cobble Hill Fair.

First up was the winner for the Cobble Hill Fair and it turned out to be none other than my sister, Em!  Here is Anne presenting Em with the gift certificate!  Congratulations, Em!!  Couldn’t be prouder if I had won it myself!!


Here are Em’s entries in this year’s fair…I’m not sure which one was the winning quilt but they are all gorgeous and beautifully made!  Have a look…



Check out that hand quilting!!  Perfect!



Yes, those are batiks!!  Em loves batiks…and yes, we are sisters!!  :)


Donna was the winner at the Cowichan Exhibition and she also won the Gladys Shumka award which included the engraved scissors.  The Gladys Shumka Award is for the OUTSTANDING HAND QUILTED BED QUILT.


Check out her three quilts!  Gorgeous work, for sure!!


And a last look at the six winning quilts…ahhhh yes…It was a great year at the fairs!  Congratulations, ladies!!


While all of this was going on, Louise our Librarian, was busy selling off old books.  Our library cabinet was full to exploding!  Every year the librarian goes through the books and discards the old to make room for the new!!  


Price for a book was $2!  SCORE!!

Hope you enjoyed our Heritage Meeting…now I have to hustle so that I won’t be late for this week’s meeting!!

Have a wonderful week…and thanks for stopping by!~P


  1. You are getting so good at machine quilting! Congrats to your sister...talented family! Thanks for showing us those wonderful quilty projects!

  2. Way to go Betty! I hope to have a chance to meet you one day and give you a big hug (and fabric from my stash too). You not only give so much of your time, stash, money to make charity quilts - you make BEAUTIFUL charity quilts. Love your scrappy design.


    PS - I'm now wondering how much fabric stash I can get Paulette to take back to BC in her trailer next Spring. Hmm. Inquiring minds want to know. We need a Help Canadian Charity Quilters Fundraiser/Donation effort.

  3. That is a really fun design and nice that you can practice and help others, as well. Congratulations to your sister and old books are the best.