Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Day Sales…

This morning there was an email waiting for me from Primitive Gatherings Online Shop!  They were probably wanting to wish me a Happy Thanksgiving?  So..I opened it…big mistake!!  Make that BIG mistake…HUGE!  They are having their Thanksgiving Sale and with every $25 order they are giving away FREE STUFF!  Really GOOD Free Stuff!!  I warn you…DO NOT GO!!  I will NOT provide the link for you because I don’t want to be blamed for your financial ruin!  Having said that…I’m sure you all know how to use GOOGLE….:o)

All I can say..nothing like shopping at 6:45am on a Thursday morning to get the blood pumping! 

SEW…what shall we talk about this about what Delores, my new wool friend from Heritage, has been up to.  Actually Delores and I know each from waaaayyyy back.  We worked in the same school together…I taught Grade 3 and she was our School Secretary.  She was a fantastic Secretary…I always said treat your Secretary and Janitor like gold and the rest is gravy!  They are the people who MAKE the school hum…and make life for the rest of us a joy! Delores was wonderful…the Janitor not so much!!   Hitler comes to mind when I think of her…NOW where did that come from??…and from Sweet P none the less!!  Sheesh..slap me!

Let’s talk Delores and WOOL!  THAT’s what I meant when I said that she is my NEW WOOL Friend…meaning she is new to working with wool!!  And man, has she got that mastered!  A+ to Delores!

Let’s throw Santa into this glorious MIX! 

Pretty darn cute, hey!  P1200815

And all from re-cycled wool!! 

Everyone…all together now… “AHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”!


Yup, WE all love SANTA!  Especially one as cute as this one!!


Thanks for sharing your talent with us, Delores!


The pattern is called, ‘HO HO HO Penny Rug’ by Sew Unique Creations!  Very Sweet!

Hmmm, I’m wondering if you can find this pattern over at Primitive Gatherings…BUT your aren’t going there…right?!

Have a thrifty Thursday and Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American Buddies…and for the rest of us…Happy Shopping Quilting!~P


  1. How fast can I get there?
    Great pieces!

  2. LOL! I was a school secretary in my former life. I was thankful for great teachers in my school. As far as custodians go, good ones were hard to find :)

  3. Your friend's green wool selection is very good. I could use some of those. Cute Santa.
    Did I read the word "SALE"? I have time to look!

  4. Shopping?? Why would I go shopping? (Guess where you will find me on Saturday?) I think I will be taking a nice drive and seeing the sights, after I stop at the bank and empty out my account!
    Clear the road...I am coming through!

  5. I had placed my order at Primtive Gathering as soon as my coffee was ready this morning. Sure wish the shop was closer---but maybe not---it would break the bank.

  6. Wow...I got that same e-mail Paulette! And needless to say, I shopped! I promptly told my dear husband how much money I saved him! Primitive Gatherings is MY toy/candy store! Hugs, Elaine

  7. Let my fingers do the walking! Santa is tooooo cute!

  8. Yes, I did not need to know that, lol.
    Our stores are having sales too, so I think I will go for a walk tomorrow. Wonderful snowman and I think recycled wool is fun to work with.


  9. Paulette,when you ordered from pg, did you put the free gifts in your cart? I just added the free gifts and ir mail my towel $207 dollars

  10. Yep, I placed my order at Primitive Gatherings. How much do you wanna bet that we bought the same things. LOL Great minds......

  11. Cute, cute, CUTE...Santa!!!

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Hugs, CArolyn