Friday, November 30, 2012

This Little Light of Mine…

My Beam N Read, which I won a few weeks ago over at Bejeweled Barb’s, arrived yesterday!!  Thanks BeJeweled Barb…I absolutely love it!

I immediately strapped that baby on and started stitching!  Being late afternoon I normally would be sitting directly under a lamp but yesterday I didn’t need to!

Now don’t be scared when you see the packaging…you DO NOT, repeat YOU DO NOT need to be an old, arthritic, dowdy quilter to use this light…hmmm…second thought that fits me to a bill :o)…but YOU don’t have to be!  This light is for everyone…young and old!  Even hip and happen old people…:o)!


This is what I tested it on…some secret Santa work…shhhhhh…P1200982-001

With the Beam N Read it was SEW much easier to stitch…look YOU can actually SEE the wee stitches and more importantly I CAN SEE where to put the next stitch… which isn’t often easy using sewing machine thread on wool!!  Yeah…I LOVE MY NEW BEAM!!


Here she is at rest…there are a couple of coloured plates that can go over the lights to filter the rays…if you want…


But I say…Let her shine, Let her shine….Let her shine!!


Yup, This little Light of mine, I’m gonna let her shine….let her shine, let her shine…LET HER SHINE!!

Guess what I’m going to be singing the rest of today…what about YOU?…Care to join me?  Karaoke anyone…?

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Quilting!~P


Karen said...

That was a lucky win on the light. I could use one of those.
I spy snowflakes. The kind that don't melt or need shoveled.

Unknown said...

I've had one of these for several years and I can't imagine hand stitching without it anymore! My friends that don't have one laugh at me but I can stitch ANYWHERE! I don't have to worry about the lighting. Congrats on your win.
Diana H.

WoolenSails said...

I should put one of those on my christmas list, I have the worst lighting and it would be nice to use wherever I am and great for car rides when it gets dark.


Barb said...

I am so glad that you got it and love it. I know mine gets a lot of use.

Love your snowflakes....and your wall hanging below.

Terry said...

Lucky you, I'd love one of those!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Congrats on your win Paullette!! and good to know that it is great.

Anne said...

They say that as we age, for every year, we need more light. If I won I'd have to buy a couple more to string around my neck. LOL

Anna said...

one of the MG's has one of those and swears by it...I won't buy it until they put some who looks like...hummm Penelope Cruz...

Johanna said...

I can just imagine my husband's comments that! Oh sew useful though! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

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Lesley said...

Love that light...and also love your snowflakes on wool!

Cathi said...

I just got one & used it once. It seemed to cast shadows on my work. Maybe the positioning was wrong. I am surely going to try it again as the lighting in my house is horrid.