Saturday, November 17, 2012

Just Watch the Video…

When Terri from Heritage asked if I would quilt her Camping Quilt I said a definite “NO!”  I explained that each charity quilt was a learning experience for me and that I wasn’t good enough to quilt a ‘real’ quilt!  She assured me that whatever I did to her quilt would be better than what she would do…and after much ‘going back and forth’…look at what is coming off my machine!

Yup, you guessed it…the camping quilt! 


I Free Motion Quilted vines with leaves all over the quilt, something I had never done before.  And like I told Terri, every quilt is a learning experience and this one was no exception!!  I had major thread shredding issues…and after discussing the problem with fellow mid-arm quilter, Hazel, she told me about this video…‘T N T by HandiQuilter’!


What a help this video was!!


If you are a mid-arm or long arm quilter then you NEED to watch this video!  T N T…is short for Thread, Needles, Tension…and all can cause a quilter major grief!


After watching this video, I realized that I was using the wrong size needle!  And I was stretching my quilts too taut on the frame…it should be fairly loose, not like a drum!


And then after going to Sawyers Sewing Centre for bigger needles, I discovered from the sales lady that you have to have a level frame.  I knew this from setting up the frame, but I didn’t know that I need to test this with a Level (the kind that hubby has in his workshop) and to do it OFTEN and to make sure that EVERYTHING is level…ie. testing my frame, machine and rods…apparently if your machine isn’t dead level you will have issues!  I need a Level of my own!


I discovered that quilting on a Mid Arm (or Long Arm) is not for the faint of heart!  There is a lot to know and learn…but I tell you with all this knowledge comes empowerment!!  I know that if I have ‘issues’ that there are several reasons why…and it could be as simple as dusting off the bobbin!!  LOVE THIS VIDEO!!  If you own a mid/long arm you really MUST view it…several times!  Check it out HERE!

(This video was made by Handi Quilter but it is applicable to any mid/long arm owner.)

Have a Super Sewing Saturday and Happy (stress free) Quilting!~P


  1. TnT really stands for Travels iN Therapy. Just look at the little icon that shows up next to the blog name on the reader list. Thanks for sharing the alternative reality.

  2. Nice leaves!! Glad you worked out your 'issues'!

  3. Thanks for sharing the TNT site. My sis in law purchased a Crown Jewel Baby Lock long arm before attending the Houston show so I forwarded the TNT site to her. There's a nice laser level available; tis also great for hanging pictures and quilts.

  4. Remember, all these "problems" are making you more proficient with the machine.Looks really good from here.

  5. Wonderful leaf quilting! Great job.:)

  6. There are so many variables and tricks to learn with long arming that at first can be overwhelming. Soon you will just know what to do to remedy any quilting woes. It seems there is always something to learn or ways that work for you best. Machines are even finicky and vary from each other.

  7. You are doing beautifully with your quilting and paying attention to the details to improve your quilting, I would make a mess and give up;)


  8. Your quilting is looking great. Thanks for the pointer of viewing the TNT video, it was very informative.