Thursday, November 1, 2012

Who ME..whine?

Wow!!  In a blink of an eye, October is GONE!!   At least we got to celebrate the last day of the month with Kim and Don!  Kim is a Clubhouse Quilter (from The Sands’ RV Park) and her husband, Don is my hubby’s golf partner when down south.  (They live in the Shuswap Lake area in BC.)  Kim and Don are on their way down south…with a stop over in Victoria for one last snuggle with their little grand baby before they are off to SUNSHINE and The Sands! 

Oh man…did we talk!!  Kim and I covered every quilting topic possible…and ended, of course, with our plans for the Road to California, which happens in January!  The emails between ‘us Clubhouse girls’ have been flying now as some of the quilters have already started the ‘migration’!  Don and Kim leave next week for down south!


Anyway…it was sure nice to break bread with these two and get caught up with their lives!  Ohhhh…we are going to have lots of adventures this year, not to mention FUN!  Stay tuned…!!

For the past week, I have been moaning and groaning and whining to Karen, Log Cabin Quilter and Lizzie,  Quilting in Nothern California!  Yes, it hasn’t been pretty!!  Here they are busy sewing up wonderful projects from the latest issue of Primitive Quilts and I haven’t even RECEIVED my copy yet!  [Click on their Blog names to see what they are making…dang cute!!]



I am happy to report that the whining ceased!!  EUREKA!  My copy has arrived!!  AND man, what a copy!!  I spent the afternoon with the magazine, a coffee…AND a few chocolate bars…HEAVEN!  A lovely way to spend a rainy, foggy day!

Let me show you my favourite project…OK… projectS! P1200640

Yup…it’s a Bonnie Sullivan quilt…a mix of flannels and wool!!  Be still my heart!  This quilt moved right to the top of my TO DO LIST!!  I would have this project cut out if it wasn’t for those %#^* UFOs!

Then there is this Christmas beauty…and if you don’t like this the designer (Yellow Creek Designs) tweaked the pattern and made it into an ‘EVERYDAY Version’… but there is NOTHING everyday about this quilt!


Love them BOTH!!  Now I am off to Google, ‘Yellow Creek Designs’…and see what other projects they have to offer!  I love discovering new designers…don’t you!!  LUCKY YOU…I saved you the ‘work’…just click HERE to see what Vicki Olsen and Jill Shaulis have created for US!

Hope you are enjoying your Primitive Quilts and Projects as much as I am…hey, do I detect a little whining out there?? 

Have a thrilling Thursday and first day of NOVEMBER and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. there is nothing better than spending time with great friends...especially those who can talk 'quilting' the entire time! I just loooove that!!! Glad you whining has ended and the magazine has arrived! It is such a good publication!! Love all the projects!
    Have a wonderful day!!! ~karen

  2. I just love the Christmas quilt. It would make such a wonderful project to start on. They just have to many great designers out there as I realized this past weekend at quilt market and it's so hard to choose which ones to carry because everyone has such different taste. As for fabrics I could just take truck loads evry new line offers such wonderful colors.

  3. You sure had to wait a long time for your issue, I would go nuts, lol. I love all of them, each one has at least a few things I will make, so well worth the cost and someday others will interest me. That and the fact that I never have time to do them, so this year I will go through the back issues and start making those.


  4. The slow boat to China arrived! Or was it the wagon train. I too like your favorite quilt.

  5. Yum what a gorgous quilt, wonder if I can get that mag here in Australia? Good luck with the UFO's, its good motivation at least!

  6. An evening spent with a friend talking quilts...priceless!
    I picked up a copy of Primitive Quilts at Primitve Gatherings during the Wisconsin Fox Valley Shop Hop. What a shop! I bet this is as close to heaven as I will ever get! LOL!
    I got the wool bug and it is all your fault. You kept showing those beautiful quilts and wore me down.
    Glad you got your magazine.

  7. Sounds like a wonderful time with good friends!!!! And I got my copy of Primitive Quilts a couple weeks ago. LOVE IT. Unfortunately it's drying in front of the pellet stove. We got water from "Sandy" and it was a casuality. But it's drying nicely!! Love the quilts inside!!!

  8. Must have missed a post somewhere, but why aren't you going south until January?
    Love the quilts.

  9. Did you notice how many of the projects have WOOL in them?! I can't wait to try them all!!!