Sunday, July 18, 2010

Garage Sales…in Paradise!

Yesterday, while Garage Saling in Victoria I accidently stumbled onto this!! 

At first I thought…EUREKA!!  Street Sale!! 


But then it dawned on me that it was the Moss Street Artist Fair.  They have it every year.  The people who live on Moss street let the artists use their front yards to show their stuff…so the artist set up their easels and paint or work with clay or glass or whatever and sell their creations… 


  It was only 10:30 so they were still setting up shop.   P1090115  Artist for as far as the eye can see…At 11 o’clock when the market starts the saw horse block off the road and this road becomes a sea of people!


Some artists combine their art with Garage Sale stuff…


I bought these for $1.00!!  These OLD silver salt shakers and a pepper sprinkler…love the bath tub pepper sprinkler…there is a removeable blue glass bowl inside and the whole thing is smaller than an egg!  I know, I know…more junk!!  BUT such pretty junk!! ;o)


A bonsai artist…


A clay sculptor…hey did she use my body as a model to do her last project?  See me sitting on her pedestal!! Yup it’s me all right!!  Well at least she is charging a lot for it!! ;o)


A painter…painting a…tractor…!  Yup, you can never have too many tractors hanging around the house!

P1090121 I know it LOOKS like he’s about to give me the finger but he was actually VERY nice…I mean you have to sell these tractors somehow…In all fairness…his tractors were gorgeous and very well done…


I had to hustle off as the barricades were coming out and I was going to be stuck parked on a side road for the rest of the day unless I moved it!! 

Look at what was at the end of this street!!  Perfection…


The people who live in Victoria are so lucky to have this in their backyard!!


Do you see the mountains in the distance in the bottom pic?  That is the USA…there is just a small body of water separating us…so like Sarah Palin I can just wave to my neighbours…hee hee…


Now for my big GS find…taaah…daah…


Yup, those are men’s 100%  cotton shirts~ 13 of them!

I can tell that there are some of you out there not that excited about my purchases…BUT just look…


How about a close-up…?  Did I mention they were ONLY 50 cents each!!


Yummy, aren’t they? Look at the colours…P1090148

I know, I know…you are wondering what I’m going to do with them…???

Do you remember the last time I brought home a bundle of old shirts?  This is what I made…


I love this quilt top!! It’s all in the angles…

So now are you hopping up and down…running to your local thrift shop??  Ripping the shirt of the ol’man’s back…?  Just remember to do it carefully……;o)

GIVE AWAY!!  Check out yesterday’s post for my First Year Blogiversary Give Away!!  Good Luck!

Have a Super Sunday and Happy Quilting!!~P


  1. Sounds interesting!
    Would love to see the new quilt you are gonna make with the shirts.

  2. I had the date of the Moss Street Paint in written in my calendar but, did I go? Maybe I should check my calendar on a daily basis to see what I am up to. I am sorry that I missed it but I am glad that through your eyes I can pretend I was there. Can you overdye all those shirts? We are going to have an overdye session in September. Would also love to see you wheel your give away to my doorstep. Have a super Sunday.

  3. Love your shirt quilt. Great garage sale to see how you use them!

  4. I love your shirt quilt. Wow, those shirts were a very good buy - start cutting - can't wait to see what you do with the new ones.

  5. Thanks, Sweet P, great post. Always such a great shot of inspiration to see what quilters create.

  6. I love the tractors, my father-in-law would LOVE a picture like that, lol! What a lovely day for a street fair. Love your shirts too, I wish I still had my dad's old shirts, they would have made a wonderful quilt!

  7. You are so funny....
    I would have loved to walk down that street but since I couldn't, thanks for showing.

    That quilt is lovely, now I know why you were excited about the shirts....50 cents is awesome.

  8. Taaah Daaah! You are so Canadian! I love it!
    Thank you for the Moss Street tour and your fantastic finds. $1 for the silver thingys is pretty darn good. The shirts, well you had me scratching my head until you quilt picture. AMAZING!!!

  9. You find the coolest things! An artists sale?! It would be fun to see what they are all up to.
    Love the shirts too!! I don't think I was visiting your blog when you did the other shirt quilt. It's a winner!!

  10. Hi Paulette!
    Could you post how you made your Blog List on the right side, especially how you time stamp them so we know how old the link is?
    I'm new to blogging, and trying to figure this all out.
    Oh, my postings today, I linked to your blog address, I hope you don't mind, you ARE my inspiration.
    Love the shirts, I see great prospects there. Take care, Leslie

  11. I never thought to look at men's shirts for good fabric, lol. I need a thrift store run tomorrow. Going to be hot and a good way to spend the day;)


  12. Wow I'd love to go to a street fair like that. Do they have it every year at the same time? Can't wait to see what you are doing with the shirts.

  13. Ok, you are tugging on my heart. I raid my poor husband's closet way too much. I have found myself only buying shirts for him that I would like to use in a quilt. :o) Crazy huh?
    Sincerely ~ Tricia

  14. Yummmyy!!! A lovely find! I'm currently cutting up my father's (I had to wrestle those away) and Uncle's shirts, and loving the look of them pieced into quilts - so I can really see your excitement :o)