Wednesday, July 7, 2010

OPAM, Oh Darlene and Oh What a Day!

OPAM~The Midget is done…binding on and sleeve sewn to the back…so this is the first OPAM finish for July!!  Whew!!  It’s always a relief to get at least one finish for the month!!  Sew sweet…this little guy measures 20” by 16 ”!


Oh Darlene~ Look what I found in yesterday’s mail…it just rolled out…


..and landed right in my flower garden…and what a gorgeous bouquet of COTTON BLOSSOMS it is!  LOVE IT!!! This is a my BIG win from Darlene (Quilting Daze)’s my first ever Jelly Roll…from the Moda line called Cotton Blossoms and I must say these are all MY colours!!  I LOVE IT!! The burgundy, greens and browns…did I mention HOW MUCH I love them!! Thanks so much Darlene!!  I am planning on making the BIG guy with it!!..from Darlene’s pattern called “Between Friends!”  This quilt REALLY will be “Between Friends” so thank you,Darlene!!


Oh What a Day~  Look what we did yesterday!!  Hayley and I took an early ferry over to Vancouver…Maggie, my middle daughter, picked us up and we spent a lovely day walking around this spectacular city!!  Loved every moment of it!!

We saw whales jumping while on the ferry…they are like my dogs…as soon as I snap the photo they disappear…but trust me they were there!!  And they were magnificent!  P1080981

We walked around Kitsilano where Maggie lives, did some shopping…then walked to Granville Island…where we shopped some more..

P1080983..and ate lunch…NO salad for me!! :o)


Took a shuttle boat across the harbour…spectacular views!!

P1090019  …where we saw the cutest houseboats…so adorable!!


and other sights….


Notice the blue skies and sun!!!!  Turned into a gorgeous SUMMER DAY!!P1080997

We docked at Yaletown and then WALKED and window shopped…all the way to Pacific Centre Mall where we shopped some more…

Then we took a City bus back to Maggie’s apartment…


Can you read my mind?  Yup, MY DOGS ARE BARKING!  (Translation~ my feet hurt!!)  I’ve had it!  I’m pooped!

P1090024 Maggie drove us back to the ferry…

P1090028 ..where we ate dinner…(what a view!)…and rested the dogs… P1090038    What a wonderful day…spent with my girls!  Hope you enjoyed the city as much as we did…

Have a wonderful Wednesday and happy Quilting!! P      


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful day. Love those house boats.

  2. What a fun day! Those houseboats really are something! Enjoy a little rest today. ;-)

  3. The whole day just sounds heavenly!!

  4. What a wonderful day!

    Glad your jelly roll has arrived! :-) Have fun.

  5. Looks like you had a great day! I'd love to be so near all that water! Congrats on your first jelly roll too! :0)

  6. Your little quilt is DARLING! Love your win from Darlene, congrats!
    Your dd's are so beautiful, what a gorgeous city, looks like a terrific way to spend the day!

  7. You must live in a truly beautiful area judging not only from this post but all your posts recently. So glad you had such a wonderful time with your daughters.

  8. Love Cotton Blossom and your plans on what to do with the jelly roll.
    Looks like you had a wonderful day! I would love to visit your part of the country sometime soon.

  9. How fun! I would love a day like that with my girls.

  10. You didn't even call me. Sniff. haha! Looks like you had a very full day, and whales from the ferry, too. Score!

  11. Fun mailbox picture...lovely gift even better!!

  12. Wonderful little quilt, too hot here to quilt.
    That is a wonderful way to spend the day, think I could use a ferry ride this summer, been awhile.


  13. What a lovely day with your daughters. I love the lunch pictures Paulette.
    What a nice jellyroll- I have never bought one of those nor have I won one. Perhaps one day. I am sure that you will create something beautiful with it.

  14. Sounds like a wonderful day, but oh how are your feet today?

    The scenery around you looks beautiful and I would love to visit your city and ride on the ferries - I love the water and boats.

  15. Looks like you had a wonderful time with your daughters!:) Loved the beautiful pictures! It is sooo pretty out where you live! Hope you have a great day!:)

  16. Ah, I almost feel that I was there! Great blogging! Summer is the time to take the best of pics isn't it?
    I know what you mean about whales and dogs. I have the same experience.
    I love jellies, they make great nine patch quilts. I'm just doing my nine patch for the summer. I make one each year at the cottage. I love the look!

  17. Your post brought back memories of a previous vacation. And I LOVE Granville Island. On that particular vacation, I remember thinking how UNFAIR it was to visit Granville Island AND Pikes Place Market in Seattle and not be able to buy anything to cook!