Thursday, July 22, 2010

15 Minutes of Play…

I managed to squeeze in 15 Minutes of Play today…my goal is to play for 15 minutes everyday in the hopes of getting a baby’s quilt out of the deal. 


It is SEW nice to have a baby quilt or two stashed in the closet for any babies that should cross my path….  One of the bride’s maids at Ashley’s wedding had just had a baby boy and it became my job to entertain little Levi while the girls dressed!!  What a good baby!  I had made a little boy’s quilt this winter and put it away in my closet …so I quickly put it into a gift bag and surprised the mother with it…a little quilt for Levi to play on.  It was so nice to be able to do that!

But alas the cupboard is now bare…

These are wonky log cabins which may or may not become Lone Stars…we’ll see…that’s what’s sew fun about 15 minutes of Play…you don’t really know what it’s going to end up looking like at the end!!  Hopefully something cute!


Speaking of cute…no…make that gorgeous…I just have to show you Leah’s latest Scrappy quilt…stunning!!  She made this by sewing together split 9 patches.  She has such an eye for colour!!


Do you see the split nine patches…?


Let’s zoom in for a close-up…and just to remind you~ Leah uses nothing but old bits and pieces that no one wants…we bring her out dated fabrics or scraps from quilts…she also goes to thrift shops and garage sales…Got to LOVE that!!  Well done, Leah!

P1090166   I really have to try this Split 9 Patch…looks like fun doesn’t it? 

Lately I’ve had the urge to work with wool…I know…I know…I have lots of UFOs…BUT I’m feeling the pull of the bins..the wool bins that is!  I need a good wool fix and a chance to REALLY play…BEFORE I finish the UFOs…You got to go with the flow…SEW… I’ll keep you posted!!

Before I go, let me just show you a few pictures of a place called Coombs, an Artisan/Country Market Place located right beside the Englishman River Falls. 

Coombs is famous for this sight…goats on top of the buildings…sure hope they have gutters to catch any ‘waterfalls’…if you get my gist…could get ugly!!


Lots of fresh veggies and fruit vendors.


And lots of these little shops with the grass on the roof.  So sweet!image

BUSTED!!! This is the Ice Cream Vendor…if you click on the picture you will see ME at the back ‘tidying up’ a walnut ice cream cone..while I wait for the dogs’ and hubby’s cones…yup the diet was shot to H***… but man that cone was good!! :O)


Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. I love how you used the scrappy blocks with fussy cuts, that is going to be a nice baby quilt. I wish I could eat ice cream cones, that is one thing I miss in the summer.


  2. Your wonky squares are great, I love your pieces you built on (those birds are 2 cute!!) I am inspired. I like the split nine patch, I do not remember seeing it done in this setting before; but then again, this particular one is so neat. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Fun wonky blocks! Love the color!

  4. Love your fabric choices so far in the Wonky blocks.. and how smart of you to be prepared ahead of time.

    I did the split nine patch - first one was scrappy then 2 more as scrappy Christmas quilts.. family loves them..

  5. I recently had a choice of Cinnamon Bun or Carrot Cake ice cream. I chose the Cinnamon Bun and I tell you, it was simply scrumptious.
    Dessert before the hot dog...

  6. Love how that Coombs village has gone so entrepreal! Your wonky blocks will be cute, just right for a baby quilt.
    Take care, Leslie

  7. You certainly "play" nicely! Love those baby quilt blocks.

  8. Don't you just love having extra quilts on hand, just in case! I have several baby tops finished that probably need to be quilted soon!

  9. LOVE Coombs market!!! I've got a hilarious photo of a goat kneeling down at one corner of the roof looking longingly down at an empty shopping cart as if he was going to dive in!