Friday, July 2, 2010

Rain…or Shine…the Show-er must go on!!

Today my daughter, Hayley (the baby) arrives home for a visit!!  Although we talk on the phone a couple times a week, I haven’t seen her since Christmas so I am VERY excited!!  Her best friend from elementary/ high school is getting married and Hayley is her Maid of Honour.  (feels like it was only yesterday when they were playing dress-up…fighting over who would be the bride!!  ;o)…”Take turns!” would be my answer…and the ‘bride’ would put the half slip over her head…such a gorgeous bride!!)  Well now the day has arrived and Ashley gets to be the bride first...for real!

On Sunday we are having a bridal shower for Ashley…with our miserable weather (rain!!) I have been concentrating on cleaning house…the vacuum sits in the middle of the living room as I write this. Wait I see a glimmer of sunshine…maybe I should go outside to pull some weeds…just in case we have it outside!!  It’s been like that all week!!  Do I vacuum or mow?  Looks like we will be doing both as the weather has been so iffy…

A lot of bloggers have been sharing garden pictures so let me share some too…because I sure haven’t been doing much sewing!!  


My favourite place to sit outside…


This is our second pond..much smaller than the first but I love the sound of running water!

P1080396 I wrap fishing line around the metal stakes to keep Heron out of the pond ( a huge bird that eats fish…yes, goldfish!!)


I love little containers with flowers in them!!


Do you remember this old tin box…yup, now a flower box!


This is a bubbling pond…minus the water…right now.  I need to plug it in…and I only do that when I know I have company as the water splashes out and within 24 hours it is dry.  Under the leaves and gravel is a metal grate and a huge plastic tub with a pump in it.  The water flows over the leaves and into the tub and comes back up over the leaves. (It is cool because it looks like the water just disappears!!)  ONLY it splashes a little so that the water eventually empties…so in fact it does disappear..ha ha

My white hydrangeas are just opening…they are later than usual…


As are my blue/purple hydrangeas…P1080405

One summer I was into making concrete leaves…so they are everywhere…you will also be relieved to know that I have painted this cement bench…whew!!


Variegated ivy….


My clematis flowers are HUGE this year…must like rain!!P1080413

About 20 years ago my daughters and I made these stepping stones out of broken tiles and grout…I LOVE them.  I need to take close up shots of them as they are all different…there is a daisy, a lady bug, a starfish and KoKo – a head shot of our first cockapoo dog- great fun! 

 P1080414 P1080417 P1080419 P1080420 P1080421

Yes, these are old wooden doors…privacy screen…do you think the neighbours noticed??  Now they remind me of the doors to “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”…where will these door take you..?

 P1080423 P1080425 P1080426  Yes, these are really some old work boots of my husbands…;o)


Yes…more leaves…

P1080430 Look at the huge cedar tree that we have in our backyard!!


Yes, even when it rains I have to water under it, as it stays dry underneath.

P1080433  P1080437

Another summer, I was ‘into’ making Hypertufa pots…

P1080440 P1080443  P1080445 

This seems to be the only sun around here lately…


Let’s hope we get some of the ‘real stuff’ on Sunday!!

Have a Fun Friday!!  And Happy Quilting…and I better get vacuuming…oh wait I see some sun…. Take care! P


  1. Your yard is so beautiful and peaceful. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you for sharing - it's beautiful. A true oasis of green!

  3. I hope the sun comes out again so you can be outside. You have done a wonderful job on landscaping and decorating your yard. Want to do mine? LOL


  4. Wow~ great yard! I hope you have lots of good weather! Have a happy weekend!

  5. Wow Paulette that is just gorgeous. Enjoy and treasure the time with your daughter. I just did that for a couple of days with mine out in California.....almost your neck of the woods lol. It was wonderful.


  6. Awesome tour, Paulette. I L-O-V-E all your yard art. Too cool!

  7. Oh Paulette....I am sooooo impressed....Do you ever sleep?. How can you have such a beautiful yard and quilt, stitch and blog too?????? I have the black thumb of death....(it is sad, but true) I'll be crossing my fingers for good weather, but I am sure that your home is as beautiful as your yard....:) (plus full of quilts)

  8. I'm so in awe of your garden Paulette, what a lovely place you've created there!

  9. Your yard is so beautiful! It looks so relaxing and peaceful. I know you must enjoy spending time there. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  10. What a beautiful garden. I bet there's a lot of hours each week to keep it looking so lovely. I hope it stays dry for the Shower, but even if it doesn't, the guests will see it through the windows. As for vacuuming, leave it - there'll be enough people around that there won't be much carpet showing anyway.

    Have a great time with your daughter as well.

  11. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing your garden.

  12. you have such a lovely garden - enjoy your time with your gorgeous girl home.

  13. Super-fantasta-gorgeoso garden! I want ponds, but I'm resigning myself to having to dig'em myself- the Hub thinks gardens design, grow, plant, water, weed, etc etc themselves!! Lots of ideas for me in yours.....

  14. Oh Paulette!! Your garden doors are wonderful. I'm going to show your picture to my family because after reading my blog yesterday, both Jen and Rach have told me not to do it ... that I'm caaaraaaazzzzy! At least there's someone else that is just as crazy as me!
    Hmmm... going to have to look into making cement leaves. I love that look.