Friday, May 28, 2010’s the Shower Lurker!!

The Shower Lurker strikes again!!  Yes, she caught me again…coming out of the shower!! 

Just kidding…Renee came for dinner and I couldn’t resist coming to the door in my robe and towel…just like old times!! 


We had a lovely evening…and yippee…REAL FOOD!!  My diet is was going great (I’ve lost 10 lbs!!) but bring on those mash potatoes and dessert!!  Ahhhhh…food…REAL FOOD! 

Seven months until we fly the coop…we are after all, Snowbirds ya’know!

On to some quilting NEWS~

I thought you might like to see what we are working on at Hand Quilting now. 

We put Laura’s Snail’s Tail on the frame…isn’t it gorgeous…P1080003

…so rich and scrappy… You can just barely see the lines where we will be quilting…do you see them? the circles and waves…every half inch or so…


…just wait until you see what Laura has planned for the hand quilting…YIKES- very intricate, elaborate but it’s going to be stunning! It’s going to take awhile to stitch but then again…it is a Snail’s Tail….


Shirley brought this little quilt for sharing.  Her daughter made it for her…just incredible..little pebbles with a sheer netting over to give the illusion of a leaf floating in water..


See the leaf close up….


And closer yet…isn’t it amazing!!  Doesn’t it look REAL?


And look at the quilting…little ripples in the water!!P1080007   




Isn’t it wonderful when you like the back just as much as the front!!  Lucky Shirley!

Have a fun Friday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. Shirley's daughter did a beautiful piece for her, very creative and interesting use of materials for the water effect. I can't even get my daughter to sew on her own buttons.


  2. Love the snail quilt! And the leaf quilt is amazing! Glad you and "the shower lurker" had a great visit! :0)

  3. The leaf quilt is amazing!

  4. You are a hoot girl - coming to the door dressed like that! That cracked me up.

    Love the snail's trail- and oh my gosh that little quilt is fascinating, how'd she do that!!! LOVE it!

  5. I like the shower lurker story. Congratulations on the weight loss. Did you achieve that in a sauna?

  6. Sounds like you had a fun-filled few days.

  7. WOW!~ALL of it!
    Great quilt and great frame!
    Love the marking.

    The little leaf quilt is fabulous! WHEW! That gal has talent!!!! XO