Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Rainy, Miserable Saturday…

So yesterday I woke up to a rainy, miserable Saturday …Garage Saling was definitely not on my to-do list…BUT.. there was this ONE Garage Sale Ad in the Classifieds that was CALLING my name…WHY you ask?…because in their list of stuff for sale they mentioned Quilting Books and supplies. So off I hustled and arrived 10 minutes before the GS opened…the EARLY BIRD gets the worm has always been my motto.  In this case there were no worms to be had…when I asked the lady having the GS to point me to the Quilting Stuff she looked at me with this blank look…then pointed to a box of 30 year old musty, poly-cotton fabric and a couple of doll patterns.  Sometimes Garage Sales are like that…and other times you hit the Mother Lode…so with rain dripping down my neck I headed off…no win fall…no nothin’!

But all was not lost…I headed to the Local Library and took out these lovelies….


I also signed out three audio books so that I can ‘read’ and sew at the same time…bliss…my two favourite pastimes combined!!


And I also hit the Video store and rented “It’s Complicated”..with Meryl Strep and Steve Martin (Hey, has he had surgery??  Isn’t it distracting when all you can think about during the movie is whether they have been under the knife or not…and why do they do it??  Who do they think they are kidding…just get old…like the rest of us!  Seriously, I drive my husband crazy with comments like this..maybe because I made them throughout every scene that Steve was in..) The movie was a good rental…there was one laugh out loud moment for me …and I’ll let you figure out ‘which moment’ that was when you see it! 

All in all, considering it was a miserable, rainy Saturday, I had a great day…how about you?

Have a super Sunday and Happy Quilting!


  1. I had a yard sale this thursday, friday, and saturday...and I had quilt books for sale and no one bought I donated them! Sorry you were there!

  2. Oh, yes I have been to gs just like that,, really bums you out.Like the book and will have to try that audio thingy.. I have lots of sewing and gardening to do but getting there.

  3. I hate when the add for a GS doesn't match the stuff they have, it seems like false advertisement. LOL I like how you multitask and can read and sew at the same time. I gotta see the movie you rented, maybe it will rain soon here.

  4. The old hook and bait, nothing you really want.
    I love the library, always good books and i can order them from any library in the state, so more choices that way.


  5. Was it the scene in the hotel room and the SIL's reactions? Or the webcam scene near the end? Loved all the food scenes.

  6. I do that too....keep saying "he/she's had a bit too much surgery haven't they!" Sorry you missed out on some quilting loot at the garage sale, but perhaps the next one will be better.

  7. my friend is forever getting great deals or freebies at goodwill and garage saling. she's so sweet and often shares!! when you mentioned the library i thought of our wonderful library in lakewood washington when we lived there--i think twice a year they had a book sale and wow! lots of great books and magazines for very little. good luck next time. you have freecycle where you live? when my daughter lived in tacoma, wa, she subscribed to freecycle online and there's always stuff listed people want to give away or want. we gave away an old washer and dryer and got some plants and boxes for a niece, and dd gave away a bunch of things when moving

  8. me again!! just saw you're from victoria--that's one of the most beautiful cities in the world. my daughter now has my charm bracelet with a little street light charm from vancouver when i was a teen--MANY years ago. i have several cousins on vancouver island--one in campbell river whom we visited a few years ago. that island has the most spectacular coastline--and i live in washington which has lovely coasts too, but tofino is it? wow--that is so pretty and the forests around there with their thousand year old trees--definitely heaven on earth. have a great day--rainy or not!

  9. Bummer on the yard sale - but yes, some days are like that! Great books from the library - I also "read" and sew, I love audio books.

    I don't question Hollywood any more....sigh. They're all a bunch of flakes anyway.

    Glad you had a good Saturday!

  10. You were right, all was not lost....sound like you had a nice time inspite of the weather and GS.