Thursday, May 27, 2010

Queen of the Thrifting~

That is what I dubbed Leah yesterday after she hauled out the loot that she ‘found’ in her local Thrift shop!  ~ These lovely HAND STITCHED blocks! P1080011

There are seventeen of these beauties… P1080012

They are all different and beautifully done… not necessarily my colours but I couldn’t help but love and appreciate the workmanship and HOURS and HOURS that have gone into making these blocks!  AND all sewn by hand!!

P1080013 So Leah was selling them for the price that she had paid…and when no one spoke up to claim them…I yelled out SOLD! (after I had wrestled two old ladies to the ground)…I graciously took them off her hands…for $5!!  SCORE!


Now what to do with them….??  Any ideas?

Leah’s other find was a Zip lock bag containing these little lovelies~  13 scrappy stars! 


Laura snapped these beauties up! She got no hassle from anyone else…hmmm wonder why?


They are scrappy,  machine stitched and beautifully done.


We wondered (over coffee and goodies)- why would anyone sell these blocks after putting in so much time and effort?  We finally came to the conclusion that the quilter must have died and the family has tossed them into the give away pile…

So if and when I finish my quilt, it will forever be known as ‘The Dead Lady’s Quilt”…I’m sure everyone will want to snuggle under it!! ;o)

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!!  Hey, can you GUESS WHO’S COMING TO DINNER TONIGHT!!  First one to guess correctly gets a prize!! 


  1. The Dead Lady's Quilt....hmmmm....a very appealing title- NOT! But you are probably correct as to their origin, more's the pity that the family didn't have a quilter to appreciate them. The ones you got are beautifully made, like you say, you can tell by the points in particular.
    And I love the colours in the quilt in your header- I know, long time since I've visited- sorry...

  2. I agree, after all that work why would someone get rid of the hand sewn blocks. You have to admire the person who took the time to hand piece the blocks. Good Luck with finishing the project. Look forward to seeing the end result. I do not have a guess.

  3. Oh!Oh! Oh!, pick me! It's the "shower lady" from the trailer park in California, right??? It must be her. Is she coming to dinner?

    SCORE on those hand-pieced blocks, but honestly Paulette, you must come up with a different name! I might arrange them in a grouping of 16 (and put the 2-tone blue star with brown around it's edges on the back, or leave it out altogether). I would likely sash it all, but it's hard to tell from the pix what colour to use for that....Have fun!

  4. Amazing finds! The dead lady's family did the right thing trying to find a good home for the blocks they can't do anything with. Please invent a name for her and name the quilt by that name instead of ...

  5. I can't believe someone dumped them in a thrift, what a shame, but luckily a quilter found them.


  6. What wonderful finds.. Wow..

  7. A friend of mine once bought a quilt at a yard sale, made of narrow strips of satin. After she bought it the seller said it had been made of ribbons off the funeral wreaths when her father died. We read somewhere that lots of quilts were made this way, kind of as a memorial.

    I think the person who made these beautiful blocks would love to know they are with someone who appreciates them!

  8. What a great buy Paulette.
    How can they just dump beautiful work like this to a thrift sad, I'm so glad you got them ,
    Julia ♥

  9. I just read this post and with my warped sense of humor the title of "the dead lady's quilt" makes me laugh. I'm glad that these blocks found good homes. I've already told my family that when my time comes they should let my quilty friends take my stash, then I know it will be taken care of.

  10. It must be Sidney Poitier who's coming for dinner... who else could it be? Nice finds!

  11. Those are fabulous, and you're probably right about how she came to get them so cheap. I've picked up a few hand-quilted tops for a pittance at estate sales, and I'm always so in awe of the price that I forget to ask the history. But really, you MUST call it something else! Something with rescue in it, because you're rescued them for sure! I believe that when we find these things, the quilter who made them would be very happy to know they were going to be used and loved, and not thrown in the trash.